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As we can all agree, search engine optimization is an ongoing process. It will take many months to get properly indexed and to reap the rewards of your SEO endeavors, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t start laying the foundation now. Pinterest is one of the highest ranking social media outlets around. If you aren’t laying the strong foundation there now, you may pay for it later. Today I will discuss how to build a strong foundation on Pinterest so you can sit back to watch the blog traffic roll in later.

I hope that by now you have already setup your Pinterest account, prepared your boards for pins and verified your website. If you have not done those yet, reference my previous post How to Drive Blog Traffic with Pinterest for some tips on properly setting up your account. Once you have done the initial setup stage of Pinterest, you can move on to the following tips on how to build a strong foundation on Pinterest.

You will want to ensure each of your pins and board descriptions have keyword rich words within them. A tool that can help you to find best keywords with minimal competition is Google’s Keyword Planner Tool. Think about what keywords you would want users to type into a search engine and land on your Pinterest account. Google’s Keyword Planner Tool will then help you to modify those keywords into something that people actually search for within the search platform.

Do not delete any pins that have minimal engagement, rather edit each of your old pins in every board to maximum your SEO efforts. Let’s face it, we all learn as we go in the world of blogging so once a new tip has been mastered, implement it within all boards and pins in your Pinterest account. Going back to edit pins and boards to have keyword rich details will help your pins be reindexed when the search bots come back through. Reindexing is the key to SEO for your social networks and blog.

Once you have worked all of your old pins and boards, it is time to start working on getting engagement. Feel free to use Pin threads that are in private Facebook groups as a means for bloggers to promote each other. A stronger way to build up true engagement is just having that change of SEO keywords, interacting on Pinterest by leaving organic comments, re-pinning content that will help boost exposure to your boards and being an active Pinterest community member.

If you follow each of the tips listed out here in how to build a strong foundation on Pinterest, I’m sure that you will see traffic heading your blog’s way within the next few months. Pinterest needs to be up there on your priority list of places to optimize as a means to build your blog traffic. Please start to freshen up your Pinterest account today!