Frozen 2 Trailer + Movie Posters & Images

Let’s admit it, when you hear the word “Frozen,” you begin humming “Let It Go” in your head. And now, after a few years, you may just find a new song to hum in your head because Frozen has a sequel coming this Fall. This morning, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ released a new trailer for  “Frozen

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Toy Story 4 is Coming + Trailer

I’ve pretty much grown up with the Toy Story franchise. When we watched the first one in theaters, my family swore Pixar must’ve been spying on my brother when they created the Sid character. I mean, right down to the sleeping with his butt up in the air, they had nailed my brother’s irritating little

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Movie Review: Disney’s ZOOTOPIA

The day has finally arrived when I can spill the beans about my thoughts on this movie. YAY! Disney’s Zootopia is finally available in theatres nationwide! As part of the Disney Zootopia press junket, we got a chance to screen the movie in advance.

As I type this, Zootopia currently has an impressive 100% rating on

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Win a Disney Lion Guard Prize Package- Ends 3-5-16

Disney Lion Guard Giveaway
Feb 24 – Mar 4, 2016
Open to USA

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I love Disney! Combine that with the fact that we work with a lot of movies and toys, and this prize package giveaway is just perfect for us to participate in. To celebrate the release of the amazing Disney Lion

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Strange Magic is coming to theaters 1-23-15


I am a big George Lucas fan. I have to respect a man who can envision worlds and create them, even requiring the inventions of technology to make strides in filmography. That’s why I am excited to see this movie coming out on the 23rd of next month called Strange Magic.

I also hear there is

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Watch This Wednesday: A Visit Way Back

Did you know I was in a Disney Commercial?

Yep! Back in 1998, Disney took over Central Park in NY to shoot a commercial for Animal Kingdom as it made its debut. There were about 1200-1300 of us high schoolers from throughout NY who practiced for about five (5) weeks to prepare this lovely

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Disneynature’s Chimpanzee Opens Today

Today, April 20th, Disneynature will take moviegoers deep into the forests of Africa with CHIMPANZEE, a new True Life Adventure for the entire family that introduces an adorable baby chimp named Oscar and his entertaining approach to life in a remarkable real life story of family bonds and individual triumph.

In addition, Disneynature has teamed up

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