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Hi, Baby Jumbo. Welcome to the circus. We’re all family here. No matter how small. – Milly Farrier
Hey there y’all! A Disney Legend for a New Generation Comes Home On Digital, 4K Ultra

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Star Wars Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Thanks to the success of my 2015, 2016 & 2017 Star Wars Holiday Gift Guides, I decided to throw in a bonus gift guide for Mother’s Day. With SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY opening on the 25th, it’s a perfect time to shop for your Star Wars Mom. No monetary compensation was received and all

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Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide Strikes Back

My Star Wars Holiday gift guide from last year was such a hit, that we decided to bring it back this year. With Rogue One opening now, it’s a perfect time to shop for your Star Wars fan. While some of the items I bought myself, some of them were provided to me as a sample.

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Movie Review: Disney’s ZOOTOPIA

The day has finally arrived when I can spill the beans about my thoughts on this movie. YAY! Disney’s Zootopia is finally available in theatres nationwide! As part of the Disney Zootopia press junket, we got a chance to screen the movie in advance.

As I type this, Zootopia currently has an impressive 100% rating on

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Interview with the Creatives Behind Zootopia

Now that you’ve probably read my interviews with Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman, it’s time to round out the exclusive interviews Disney provided us with during our Zootopia press junket.

In our first interview, we got the chance to speak with Directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore. You might know Byron for his work on Tangled

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Jason Bateman Drives 80’s Babies Wilde!

I was invited to a press junket for Disney’s Zootopia, and provided with this exclusive opportunity to interview Jason Bateman for this post. 

While some of you 70’s mamas might remember Jason Bateman for Silver Spoons and Little House on the Prairie, us 80’s mamas remember him for shows like The Hogan Family and movies like

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Zootopia’s Ginnifer Goodwin Balances Motherhood & Movies


If you follow me, you know I have a soft spot for moms making moves. You also might know that the #ZootopiaEvent appears to have taken over my twitter feed for the last week or so. 🙂 Part of our exclusive experience provided by Disney, was the chance to interview actress Ginnifer Goodwin, who voices

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ZOOTOPIA Holiday Printables

In case you haven’t noticed, we love movies. 🙂 We also love Disney movies. Well, I’ve got some cool holiday printables from Disney’s upcoming movie, ZOOTOPIA, opening in theaters March 4th!  These fun holiday-themed family activity sheets include character ornaments, “Zoo” flakes,” holiday gift tags and really cool “Zoo” Year’s Eve party pack decorations!

Decorating your Christmas tree?

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Tonight’s the Big Night! Star Wars Preview Shows Open

After a long, long wait, I am so excited to finally see this movie! I got tickets to the December 17th at 7p ET show about two months ago when they went on pre-sale. My husband’s nephew was trying to buy them off of us, but there was no way I was letting go of

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Disney’s THE BFG Teaser

Do remember a little movie called, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Or how about Matilda? What about James and the Giant Peach? All were based on books authored by Roald Dahl. He also authored the book, “The BFG.” I know you are dying to know what the BFG stands for and it’s the Big, Friendly

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