Easy Home Decor For Busy Mamas

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If you are a mom, or a mom to be, you know how busy life gets and you know that it is hard to find time to go to the bathroom alone, much less finding time to decorate your home. Your time is spent wiping noses,

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Coconut Rum Cocktails for Summer- Part 1: Parrot Bay


Last summer, my husband’s cousin introduced me to Parrot Bay Coconut Rum and I loved it. I’ve always favored clear or fruity drinks, over the brown ones anyway. Now that summer is approaching once again, it’s a great time to begin prepping for those BBQ’s and family parties. This cocktail is super simple to make

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Moms of 7am: My Routine

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One thing I’ve always noticed about my Grandma was that she always got up every morning to make a full hot breakfast for her family, complete with eggs, bacon, fruit, juice, coffee, etc. (And with 6

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Roundup: 20 Dr. Suess Inspired Snacks

As we celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Today (March 2nd), here’s a cute roundup of some snacks you can prepare at home tonight! I broke them up into categories for you, so you could pick and choose which ones you’d like. (Just click on the name and it will take you to the recipe. Want to

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Now that I’m finally back in my “office,” I can begin sharing all of the super cool things I’ve been doing the last 2 weeks. It all started on the morning of Saturday, the 13th. We got up sometime around 3am, so we could arrive at the airport by 5a for our 7am flight to

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I Was Nominated for the Women in Toys Social Influencer Award!

WIT (Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment), celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is the leading global networking organization for professional women in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries. Each year, they host the Wonder Women Awards Gala as both a fundraiser for their foundation, and as a chance to honor the leading women in the industry.


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Saved By Chocolate Cake on My Birthday

Some of you might have seen the cool Star Wars cakes I posted about from Baskin-Robbins last month. We were supposed to review one for Dittles’s birthday party, but sadly my husband was in the hospital on her birthday. We were forced to cancel her Star Wars-themed party. We decided it would be best to

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I Moved to Orlando!

This may come as a surprise to some of my followers, but I just moved from South Florida. Yep, I’m officially back in Central Florida. I used to live here almost a decade ago, and it’s where I met & married #MyMister.

While I’ve known we would be moving for a few months, most people did

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Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Kids, Toddlers & Babies Roundup

Halloween can be such a fun time! Last week, we picked up a killer Darth Vader Costume, along with a Light Saber for Papo. Target had the deluxe costume for $40 and saber for $8. To our surprise, they were running a buy one, get one sale too, so we grabbed a Wonder Woman Costume

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It’s National Coffee Day and Guess Who’s a Happy Girl?

If you’ve been following me long enough, you know I love coffee. Well, believe it or not, I used to only drink hot tea. I’m not really sure when the change started, but at some point coffee became my thang. I even love coffee ice cream too! So, how cool is it that we have

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New LDR Bag Combines Work, Travel & Style

We all know that I love to support entrepreneurial women & I have had my brush with crowdfunding as well. Well, I want to support these two women in their mission by sharing their product and Kickstarter campaign. (I think this is going to be a hit, as someone who depends on traveling, working and

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Lovin’ Your Skin This Summer

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Ever see those ads in fashion mags and wonder how the models get such beautiful legs and perfect eyebrows? Chances are, they are waxing. Did you read that last word and secretly cringe to yourself? Well, I am here to

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Praying Gives Me Strength

Most people don’t know all of the struggles I have faced in my life because, despite my living my life pretty openly on social media, there are tons of things I don’t share. Much of this is in respect of the other people who have also gone through these experiences with me.

Those who are close

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Monday Morning Randomness

When you think of Mondays, is your first reaction AAH or Ahh? Many people fear Monday’s arrival because their weekend ends and they must return to work. I look forward to Mondays as an opportunity for renewal. For me, it signals a whole week of things that I can accomplish.

Perhaps  if people changed their viewpoint of

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My Biopsy

Originally published in South Florida Parenting Magazine October 2014


That’s the sound the device made as it was pressed against my left breast. It looked scarier than it actually was, and I barely felt the needle pierce my skin. Truth be told, the fear I had leading up to that moment was much more terrifying than the

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It’s been 13 years since that fateful day and I am finally writing about it. Long before my kids were a glimmer in my eye, I was faced with a tragedy that bewildered me. A student at SUNY Stony Brook and a student government representative, I was in the office doing some office hours when

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