It’s been a few months since my first post in the #TransformationTuesday series and I have some updates. As I mentioned before, butterflies are my thing.  They start off as an egg, then grow into caterpillars, then create a cocoon where they transform into a butterfly, and then usually migrate from one place to the next. They really are pretty amazing in their capacity to grow and change. Over the past few months since my last post, I too have been making some changes. I am sharing my journey, in hopes that it might help and inspire others to undergo their own transformation.

For the mind, I have read several books over the summer. One of them was “The 13 Biggest Manifesting Mistakes and How to Fix Them” by Andy Dooley, which I have really enjoyed. I won the book at one of his workshops that my dear friend Sonia treated me to. One of the important lessons I learned was that you can’t manifest for others; you can only influence them to manifest for themselves. I am currently reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.

I have now also enrolled in classes to get my real estate license. I know that may seem out of left field considering my current occupation, but people don’t know that I have been considering this for several years now. I have been visiting Zillow daily for almost two years and watch hours upon hours of home shows. I have a bit of a knack for finding amazing properties. Plus, any financially successful person I have spoken with has told me to invest in real estate. While becoming a real estate agent in of itself is usually not financially sustainable in the beginning, there is a strong benefit in the future when negotiating and investing in your own real estate deals. Since I already have a financially sustainable business, I can afford to take the time to do the coursework and become licensed. If I ever decide to go into the industry, I have a lot of good bones to work with. For instance, my cousin-in-law owns a home renovation business and my husband can handle designing all of our marketing collateral, as well as handle project management.

I am still planning to take some more free classes at the library on photography, and computer programs. Now that the kids are in school, it may be easier for me to attend them. I realized that having them home during the summer made it difficult to attend anything without them. I thought I would be able to attend the classes while my kids were in their own library classes. However, there was a loophole for that library in which you have to wait in a designated area during their class if they are 10 and under. So much for that idea. But, now I will see how to work in some of those classes when they are in school. Improving these skills will not only help me in blogging, but also for future real estate opportunities as well.

For my body, I started a quick 5 minute routine in the morning, and we just started going back to the gym. We eat healthier too! I’ve been improving my makeup techniques as well. But, my biggest transformation has been my hair. I started working on the process to infuse blonde into my hair a few months ago. First, I had to get the red dye stripped from my hair, and then we did blonde highlights and balayage. You don’t want to overdue blonde, because it can dry out your hair and break off. Now, my hair is much more blonde after I went in for some more highlights and toner. My husband said it’s his favorite color yet. I am still getting used to it, but I’ve been getting a lot of compliments.

For my environment, there’s still a lot of work to do. We have been working on my daughter’s room slowly. We cleared out a ton of old clothes and some toys. We are slowly transitioning her into a preteen from a little girl.  I still need to clear out/ organize my stuff in the closet and garage, so I can set-up an area to shoot videos. Courtesy of Hurricane Dorian, we managed to reduce a lot of the garage clutter so far. I’ve got some pictures I need to hang up in my office too! Oh, and there are tons of little repairs here and there that need to get done. My grandpa had an unfortunate accident on my couch, which led to us having to throw it out. That’s a new thing to save up for. In the digital environment space, I am working on visually re-branding (and possibly fully re-branding) my blog materials. I already have a color scheme, which matches well with my office and seems to resonate with my audience. I feel like I need to infuse more content related to building your business or blog online. It’s an area that I have a lot of expertise in, and I really want to add value to others in my community.

For my spirit, I have begun meditating. As I mentioned before, things were kind of rough for a few months. Meditation has actually helped me to attract more positivity and abundance into my life. When you are so busy focusing on the negative, it’s hard to recognize the positive. I have a gratitude journal to also help me stay positive, but I will admit that I have been inconsistent with doing it. That’s something I need to be more on top of. One of the books I read over the summer was recommended to me by my old pastor, “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. It really helped me to understand not only my husband better, but also my children. I recently was able to share this with my husband, and he seemed slightly receptive to the concepts. Maybe I can get him to read it himself……

I know the above post seems like a really long diary entry, but I honestly feel that I am sharing it to be transparent, to help others, and also to hold myself accountable. If you’ve made it this far, I thank you for joining me on my journey. Feel free to tell me about your own journey below. Is there something you think I can help you with?