Relationships to Revenue: Step 3

So in my final installment, I break down being social and going mobile.

You can view the overall Summary and check out Step 1 & Step 2 if you missed them. Keep an eye out for a high content free webinar I am doing next Wednesday on 7 Minute Social Media Strategies.

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Let Your Hair Down Friday 7-6-12

Do you think your life wouldn’t seem to so bad if it were a musical? I mean, for some reason I have Little Shop of Horrors in my head and somehow life with kids doesn’t seem so bad. Let’s see, the constant need to be fed….. check! The constant demands…check! The mischieviousness….check! The insistence on

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Relationships to Revenue: Step 2

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have been enjoying time with your family and not busy working today. So if you have been following me, you’d know about the Wordless Wednesday series videos on turning your relationships to revenue.  Here is Step 2 of 3:

You can view the overall Summary and check out Step 1 if

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Jellybean, Tech Candy

By Heather Lopez
So as mentioned last Tech Tuesday, Android just came out with 4.1 aka Jellybean. For those of you using Android-powered smart phones like myself, you will be please to learn that there are some pretty cool updates. Some of which I mentioned on my wish list last week.

Here is my take on what eWeek reports is the

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How many of you are holding a grudge right now? If I could see your hands, it would probably be around 90+% of you, right? Last week, I let anger and upset get the best of me. I said things I shouldn’t have said, but I felt justified in my anger. I was acting out

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