Tiрѕ to Rосk уоur Instagram Aссоunt

Inѕtаgrаm iѕ оn firе, аnd everybody needs a ѕhоt аt fаmе with thiѕ platform. Be that as it may, with milliоnѕ оf uѕеrѕ, thе ѕhееr ѕсаlе photograph sharing ѕеrviсе mаkеѕ bооѕting you’re ѕtаnding оn Instagram somewhat overwhelming.

Set уоur ассоunt tо рubliс

Wе сrеаtе a ассоunt оn Instagram tо be ѕееn, isn’t that so? Thеn, it

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How to Build a Kеуwоrd Rich Pintеrеѕt Prоfilе

Pinterest is a Viѕuаl Imаgе (and Vidео) Sосiаl Bооkmаrking Site. Yоu can consider it an оnlinе pin-board or аlbum, whеrе people “рin” thingѕ thеу like аnd wаnt tо ѕhаrе with реорlе tо еnjоу. But there is аlѕо a very intеrеѕting trаffiс ѕоurсе aspect tо this place.

Your business nееdѕ to bе оn Pintеrеѕt. If уоu’rе likе

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6 Reasons Yоur Business Nееdѕ a Pintеrеѕt Prоfilе

Pinterest iѕ a ѕizаblе рlаtfоrm to rеасh dеѕirеd groups of onlookers: With mоrе than 150 milliоn Pinnеrѕ, Pinterest can hеlр you rеасh sought after аudiеnсеѕ. Aссоrding to Ahаlоgу, 67% оf Pinnеrѕ are undеr thе age оf 40, a 27% jumр frоm last уеаr. 54% оf ladies аgеd 34-55 are оn Pintеrеѕt—35% оf thеm hаvе a

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10 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Improve your Results

As discussed, it’s important to monitor your social media analytics. It’s important to see what content is working and what content is not working. There are many social media monitoring tools that can help you to analyze data, but today let’s talk about 10 social media monitoring tools to improve your results. Social media is

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5 Tips For Using Scheduled Posts on Facebook

Many of you may be aware that you are capable of scheduling posts on your Facebook Page, but are you fully aware of how you should go about scheduling? Perhaps you have started using Facebook scheduled posts as a means to free up your time and alleviate crunch time when it comes to social media

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How to Build a Strong Foundation on Pinterest

As we can all agree, search engine optimization is an ongoing process. It will take many months to get properly indexed and to reap the rewards of your SEO endeavors, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t start laying the foundation now. Pinterest is one of the highest ranking social media outlets around. If you

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How Social Media Can Change Your Business

The use of social media has grown substantially in the last few years. Many businesses are hopping on board to use this platform as a form of marketing that reaches consumers directly. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have become quite popular for a business to reach the attention of customers while building their brand.

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

Social media marketing is the process of building brand awareness around your product or website by means of using social media platforms. You probably have one goal in mind when marketing via social media, and that is to drive traffic to your site as a means to gain more sales. However, there are other things

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Top 5 Social Media Mistakes People Make

With all of the webinars, e-marketing training and all of the other virtual courses you see online telling you that they know and will share the secrets to social media success, it’s no wonder many brands are confused with how to handle their social media profiles. In the day in age where social media coverage

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Facebook versus Instagram – Which is Better?

While Instagram is quickly becoming the heavily promoted go to for many marketers as it grows at a shocking rate, we do have to step back for a minute to evaluate which social platform offers the most benefits for your marketing dollars – Facebook or Instagram?

Instagram provides a more visual experience than Facebook, which certainly allows

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How to Create a Social Media Strategy That Works

In order to benefit from social media, you must develop a solid plan that will help reap the benefits of time spent promoting content via the networks you are a part of. Creating a social media strategy can seem overwhelming and tedious, but the risks that come from not developing a solid plan are not

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What are Social Impressions and Which Ones Matter?

Social media impressions are the amount of times your social update or ad was seen, not to be confused with unique social impressions. When you log into your social media platform, most offer an analytics option where you can view impressions for each update you shared. The impressions are the number of times your update

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5 Ways to Make Money Online Using Social Media

There are so many ways to make money online; from blogging, to YouTube, to selling crafty items you make; but today we are going to cover 5 ways to make money online using social media. You don’t need to have a website or blog to make money online; you can easily setup social media profiles on

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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Working from home usually requires the use of multiple social media networks and when you find yourself managing more than the average two or three accounts, it is time to start learning how to manage accounts with ease, efficiency and accuracy. Today we will discuss how to manage multiple social media accounts as a means to

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Exclusive Facebook 360 Experience


Today, Star Wars debuted some exclusive video on Facebook’s 360 Experience, as they rolled out 360-degree videos in the News Feed. Starting today, you can now upload 360-degree videos that can be displayed in News Feeds of people around the world. In addition to Star Wars, other known brands who released new videos today include

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Relationships to Revenue: Step 3

So in my final installment, I break down being social and going mobile.

You can view the overall Summary and check out Step 1 & Step 2 if you missed them. Keep an eye out for a high content free webinar I am doing next Wednesday on 7 Minute Social Media Strategies.

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