Working from home usually requires the use of multiple social media networks and when you find yourself managing more than the average two or three accounts, it is time to start learning how to manage accounts with ease, efficiency and accuracy. Today we will discuss how to manage multiple social media accounts as a means to encourage production, revenue and peace of mind.

Whether you are managing multiple social accounts for your brand or a client, each of these methods will assist in teaching you how to manage multiple social media accounts. Which option you go with is completely based on how you work as a person, what fits your needs and how many social media networks you may be in control of.

How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

SumAll: Supports Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. This is an analytics helper and is a great guide for people who are managing client social media accounts because you can get stats returned to you with just a few clicks of the mouse button. The benefits of using SumAll is that you can add multiple accounts into one dashboard to attain analytics for each of those accounts right from one location as opposed to digging into analytics through each platform itself.

Buffer:  Supports Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Provides sharing, scheduling and analytics for all social media accounts. Connect your accounts and watch as you start scheduling and sharing information from each account that you manage. The ease of access to all of your accounts in one dashboard assists in gaining more momentum on exposure and in turn increasing productivity.  While Buffer has a 30 day free trial, it is well worth the investment to your business when you dive in and pay for Buffer to assist in managing multiple social media accounts.

Schedugram: Supports Instagram. Provides scheduling and posting for multiple accounts via desktop, and there is no need to push the posts through like similar platforms. It also provides the ability to add emojis and a first comment to each post, so you can add all of the hashtags into that and it won’t appear in the description. It has a 7 day trial and is priced based on number of accounts and how many followers each account has. Typical accounts with less than 10,000 followers cost $20/month to manage through this platform.

Tweetdeck: Supports Twitter. Provides the ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Has the ability to have columns for anything from mentions, to a particular user, to a hashtag, and allows you to add images and post to multiple accounts simultaneously. It’s free and offers a lot of capability if you are focusing on your Twitter profiles.

IFTTT: Supports 294 Channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google Plus, LinkedIn and more! This site is free and allows you to set-up formulas to manage numerous accounts. Many of the formulas are created within the community and shared with the others, so you can find various formulas to help you streamline your posting.

CrowdBooster:  If you are seeking for ways to not only manage, but analyze social media accounts as a means to form the proper strategy for social shares and content delivery through Facebook and Twitter then CrowdBooster is the perfect choice. CrowdBooster will assist in gathering data necessary for you to formulate a social media strategy for marketing purposes. Whether you are building your brand or trying to promote a client, CrowdBooster will help you in determining which direction to go for maximum social media exposure.

SproutSocial: Last, but certainly not least, on the list of how to manage multiple social media accounts is SproutSocial and this is the last mentioned tool because it pretty much compiles all of the above options into one single dashboard. SproutSocial is perfect for the professional who has multiple social media accounts to manage as a means of reviewing analytics, completing scheduled social shares, interacting with the community in each social media network and you can have multiple users in one SproutSocial account so that you can easily allow team members to have access in a central location allowing for you to easily manage your team.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners find themselves with the daunting task of managing multiple social media accounts, the key is to learn which social media platforms to focus on, what your goal is with each platform and how you will manage the social media accounts. Choose one or two of the tools listed above and dive in so that you can start being successful in managing multiple social media accounts today!