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NeoCell Beautiful Skin Sweepstakes
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Do you want amazing skin? Sometimes, our skin needs a little bit of help to give it that radiant, beautiful look we enjoyed when we were younger. Luckily, NeoCell has a line of wonderful beauty products to make life easier for us. If you are

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Lovin’ Your Skin This Summer

Disclosure: I am a paid ambassador for European Wax Centers. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Ever see those ads in fashion mags and wonder how the models get such beautiful legs and perfect eyebrows? Chances are, they are waxing. Did you read that last word and secretly cringe to yourself? Well, I am here to

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Check Out this Comic-Con Reel for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS


Raise of hands (or should I say light sabers?):
Who would love to go to Comic-Con? While this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego draws to a close, you can always prep for next year right? In the meantime, for those of you who are Star Wars fans, we have this reel for Star Wars: The Force

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NextBook Giveaway- Ends 7-22

Welcome to the NextBook Flexx 11 Giveaway!

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The NextBook Flexx 11 is a powerful system that’s available at Walmart for under $250.
Make sure you check out the fully detailed review over on Everything Mommyhood – NextBook Flexx 11 Review.

Some of the great features

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I’m a Mom Approved Panelist Again! Find me on Page 76!

Grab a copy of South Florida Par­ent­ing (SFP) Magazine this month and you will find me on Page 76. In part­ner­ship with the Bloggin’ Mamas, SFP created the South Florida Par­ent­ing Mom-Approved Panel to serve as a sounding board for what moms are looking for. This is my 2nd year as a Mama’Bassador in this

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