Having a blog tribe & why it is important

Okay, so what is a blog tribe? Well, it is having a group of other bloggers whom you share some form of  commonality whether it be location, topic matter, interests, life stages, etc. People naturally like to create an “in” group and it may be the reason you see so many people clique’d together at

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Free Donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts May 1st

In celebration of National Donut Day, participating Dunkin’ Donuts in South Florida will be offering one free donut of your choice when you buy a coffee (while supplies last). Of course, you will find me at the local DD right across the street from my new home in Deerfield Beach picking up a tastefully delightful

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Model Latina South Beach Season 5 Premiers Tonight

Raise of hands, who here has secretly wished they could be a model? I know I have thought about it since I was younger. I was even approached several times when I lived in NYC; once to even walk the runway during fashion week. However, my focus on getting my college studies in (and my admitted

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Let Your Hair Down Friday 5-11-12

Okay, so I most definitely have a rant this morning.

I open up my e-mail to find an article with a cover photo of a blogger breastfeeding her 4 year old son and the headline, “Are you mom enough?” See below:

I’m a TIME Magazine subscriber & I have to say I was disappointed with the angle

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Mom 2.0 Day 1

(This post will be updated after today’s events)

I am heading out the door to go last minute shopping for the white outfit I need for tonight’s white party. I also need to snag some blackwear for tomorrow night’s coffeehouse inspired events and then something flashy for Cinco de Mayo at the Versace Mansion.

I hope I

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