Movie Review: Disney’s ZOOTOPIA

The day has finally arrived when I can spill the beans about my thoughts on this movie. YAY! Disney’s Zootopia is finally available in theatres nationwide! As part of the Disney Zootopia press junket, we got a chance to screen the movie in advance.

As I type this, Zootopia currently has an impressive 100% rating on

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Strange Magic is coming to theaters 1-23-15


I am a big George Lucas fan. I have to respect a man who can envision worlds and create them, even requiring the inventions of technology to make strides in filmography. That’s why I am excited to see this movie coming out on the 23rd of next month called Strange Magic.

I also hear there is

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The Book of Life Carnival is TODAY at Pembroke Lakes Mall


Twentieth Century Fox & Pembroke Lakes Mall welcomes families to attend  “THE BOOK OF LIFE HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL”  today, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12th to celebrate the Halloween season and the upcoming release of the new film “THE BOOK OF LIFE!”  This FREE family carnival-like event,  will take place at PEMBROKE LAKES MALL (Center Court Area) from 1:00pm-3:30pm, is open

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Movie Review: Curious George DVD Released Today

Recently, as in last week, my daughter was in the hospital with a pneumonia. One of the features of her room was a DVD player, so needless to say I was able to bring some movies in to comfort her. As I was going through the movies, I realized that a review copy of Curious George

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Watch This Wednesday: Call Me Mavy

Some of you might have heard a bit of something about an upcoming movie called Hotel Transylvania. Well, they have a cute take on the Call Me Maybe song, centered around one of the characters named Mavy. Here is the video for you to check out yourself:

Next week, I will be getting a chance to

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