Recently, as in last week, my daughter was in the hospital with a pneumonia. One of the features of her room was a DVD player, so needless to say I was able to bring some movies in to comfort her. As I was going through the movies, I realized that a review copy of Curious George Swings Into Spring had just arrived. This was an opportune time for her to check it out. Coincidentally I realized that I had received 2 separate review copies, so I was also able to send a copy over to my mother-in-law’s house as she was caring for my son while I was staying at the hospital.  Both my kids were ecstatic when they saw the movie box cover. They love Curious George. Come to think of it, I loved watching Curious George when I was little as well. It’s pretty cool that they are still making cartoons and movies of this character.

Okay, back to the movie. The latest DVD- Curious George Swings Into Spring, released by Universal Studios, launches today (March 12, 2013) and  offers a 57 minute full-length feature film of this lovable little monkey.  Here is the description they provide:

George and his best friend, Hundley, explore all the wonders of the season together— including blooming flowers, baby animals and canoe rides. But when Hundley loses his way, George takes to the skies to find his pal, in a wild adventure that ends with a very fun surprise!

If you have ever watched the show, you know that George is always getting into something, but he ends up solving the problem somehow.  My kids sat mesmerized the entire time watching the movie. In fact, they have watched it twice since my daughter got back home.

Moment of honesty: It is so nice to have a full-length movie that can maintain my kids’ attention for almost a solid hour, as opposed to the standard kid shows that are finished in less than a half hour.

Here are some clips for you to check it out for yourself:

“Fly your Kite” clip:

“When it’s all brand new” clip:

“What is Spring?” clip:

I’d love to get your feedback as well, so if you go and pick this movie up, feel free to post your comments below.

Disclosure: I received copies of this DVD in order to conduct my review. This in no way effects my opinion of the movie. All opinions are my own and all content is my own unless otherwise specified.