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I have to make a confession. I don’t drink enough water. Yes, it’s true. I am like a majority of the people in the world who do not stay adequately hydrated. In fact, I struggled to keep the intake required for both of my pregancies. For the longest period of time, my kids wouldn’t drink water straight. I had to split their drinks half and half to make sure they were getting enough water, and not filling up on sugary juices and milk. My hubby, who is an avid water drinker, managed to get them to drink water in a matter of only two days last week. That’s something I couldn’t manage in the last three years. I, myself, am also making an effort to drink more water and even drank water as my beverage with dinner last night.

PUR contacted me to tell me about World Water Day, which also happens to coincide with my wedding anniversary, and wanted to share with me the importance of water in our every day lives.  Here are some things they told me:

World Water Day celebrates its 10th year of raising awareness about clean drinking water in developing countries. Today, there are still over 4,000 children in developing countries die every day from illness and disease related to unsafe drinking water.

PUR Water ( provides funding for clean drinking water abroad through an ongoing partnership with Procter & Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water ( program. In 2012, PUR donated $100,000 to CSDW and with funding made possible in part by your PUR product purchases continues to donate to this cause.

In addition to educating me about the Cause, PUR also wanted to offer my readers a giveaway of a PUR Water Filter so that they may drink water more often too! Enter below!

This giveaway starts today, March 22nd at 12:01am and ends March30th ast 12:01am. It is open to legal residents of the US ages 18 and over.  See widget for full terms & conditions.

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  1. Posted by Sisters From Another Mister Reply

    I am an awful water drinker too!
    Somehow the water that makes my coffee and the ice cubes in my spritzer just don’t cut it – or count ;)

    • Posted by Heather Reply

      Well, even getting water in other beverages can help, but you also get the other stuff that usually goes with it (sugar or salt).

  2. Posted by Susi Reply

    I’m the same way. I always try to make an effort to drink more water and make myself a big reusable water bottle every day but I know I could do better. Here we are struggling to drink more of what’s readily available and in other countries it’s not even possible.

    • Posted by Heather Reply

      Susi, Thanks for putting that in perspective. We should really take advantage of what we have here (clean drinking water).

  3. Posted by rachel Reply

    Each year has a theme — interesting concept!

    • Posted by Heather Reply

      Yeah. I think that helps people want to get more involved. Water doesn’t seem so boring.

  4. Posted by Gina B Reply

    I didn’t realize the impact of water, even though I knew it was important. This blew my mind: “It takes about 1500 liters of water to produce 1 kg of wheat, but it takes 10 times more to produce 1kg of beef!” Wow!

    • Posted by Heather Reply

      Yeah, there are some interesting facts on there.

  5. Posted by Ronda Reply

    I drink water when I eat something sweet or when I’m hot. It’s not usually the first thing I grab to drink when I’m home though. I never heard of World Water Day. That site shows me how much I take my water for granted.

    • Posted by Heather Reply

      Ronda I had never heard about it before either, and it was interesting to learn that is on my anniversary.

  6. Posted by Rachael Henzman Reply

    I found the section on water quality interesting! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Posted by Heather Reply

      Yes, there is lots of interesting info on there. I really started to think about water quality after seeing something on 60 minutes about vets who were exposed to toxic water.

  7. Posted by katie klein Reply

    It takes ten times more water to produce beef then wheat, shocking!

    • Posted by Heather Reply

      Yeah, makes you think about eating less meat.

  8. Posted by Tanya Reply

    International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March

    • Posted by Heather Reply

      Thanks for sharing

  9. Posted by Wendy Pesce Reply

    I really need to drink more water too. Who knew there was a World Water Day?!?!

    • Posted by Heather Reply

      I think a lot of us need to rink more water.

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