WWE’s be a STAR Comes to Miami


With all of the buzz surrounding Wrestlemania and the Hall of Fame induction in South Florida, it was the perfect time to put the focus onto the children of the community. In addition to making visits to local children’s hospitals & the Make A Wish Pizza Party, the WWE held two anti-bullying rallies; one at Hialeah

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WLRN ENERTIPS Sneak Preview Brand Experience

We are working with WLRN Public Radio and Television of South Florida and will be hosting a sneak preview event for moms to view a new show they are launching called ENERTIPS. The event will be held on Thursday, March 29th at 7pm EST at their downtown Miami studios. Attendees will get a chance to

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Let Your Hair Down Friday 3-23-12

Disclaimer: This is my weekly no holds barred post, so you may or may not learn something. If anything, you will probably end up with a smile and a sense that you are not alone.

So today had its ups and downs. The morning started off well in that I was actually sticking to my

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Dunkin’ Donuts Anytime Tasting Event

By Heather Lopez

Dunkin’ Donuts recently launched a campaign emphasizing that they had food offerings throughout the day, not just breakfast. I was invited to a tasting event held at their Pembroke Pines location  at 11970 Pines Blvd, which allowed me to try out some of their featured items. We were encouraged to tweet with the

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Let Your Hair Down Friday 3-16-12

As promised, I am going to fearlessly blog every Friday about my real opinions and experiences in life & business. So without further ado, here’s my first rant & rave.

“Mommeeeee, Momeeeeee,” I hear my son say in the middle of the night. I look at the clock and it’s 3am. It’s the 2nd time this week

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My business (& life) would be better if I let my hair down

By Heather Lopez

So I was at a Dunkin’ Donuts blogger tasting event yesterday & Jewel Figueras of Jewel’s Fab Life was there. Now, this particular DD was in the habit of playing some great R & B, so Jewel starts dancing in her seat to the music. I tell her that I wish I could

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The Problem with Using Social Media for Business

I’ve been using social media for many years and in its most elementary of forms, but mostly it was for personal matters up until about 4 years ago when I began marketing a nonprofit fundraising event using myspace. Since that time, I have been using various forms of social media to promote businesses, including my

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Future Fortified Campaign

I was invited to participate in the Future Fortified campaign to spread awareness for its’ efforts. This is a bit about them: “Future Fortified is a campaign of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). We help millions of women and children in developing countries get access to the essential nutrients they need to lead healthy,

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Freschetta®’s Rally For Real Pizza Campaign

Raise of hands, who loves pizza? I have them both raised. I’m from New York, so I hold pizza to a higher standard, and let me tell you that living in South Florida has been hard on my pizza palate. For me it is sooooo important for the ingredients to be fresh. Honestly, my husband and

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