Win a Florida Prepaid Scholarship- Contest Ends 10-29-17- 10 Winners

This post is part of a partnership between myself, Bloggin’ Mamas & the Florida Prepaid College Board. All opinions expressed are my own. 

This has to be one of the best contests you could enter. Unlike some prizes which fade in time, the education you could win for your child could last a lifetime.  The Florida Prepaid

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Beat Bugs™ is On Netflix and You Need to Check It Out

I am excited to announce that I am a member of the Beat Bugs™ Dream Team! As part of the team, I had a chance to check out the show on Netflix thanks to a gift card they provided me, we’ll be hosting a twitter party next month via Bloggin’ Mamas, and I’ll also get

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Says Thanks with Thankr

This is a sponsored feature of the Thankr app as part of a Bloggin’ Mamas campaign. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our busy everyday lives, that we forget to show our gratitude towards others for what they have done for us. In the past, people used to send

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Giving the Gift of Education with Florida Prepaid

Disclosure: I have partnered with Bloggin’ Mamas as a Mama’Bassador to promote Florida Prepaid. All opinions expressed are my own. 

With the holidays fast approaching, you might be looking for a good present to buy your kids or young relatives. Rather than the usual toys, games, clothes and gift cards; why not consider investing in their

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South Florida Parenting Magazine- June Edition

Disclosure: I am a South Florida Parenting Mom Approved Panelist. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Can you believe June is here? It seems like yesterday my little man was starting his first day at kindergarten and tomorrow he graduates to first grade. Like most graduations, Father’s Day also falls in June. In this month’s edition

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It’s National 529 Day and Floridians Should Read This!



Yours truly attended college for 7 years (4 yrs undergrad/ 3 yrs grad), and I have $60K in student loan debt to show for it. While the original amount of my loans totaled about $40K, it has increased by $20K in “unsubsidized loan interest.” And the $40K was AFTER all of the grants and scholarships

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Hispanic Scholarship Fund Offers Resources for Hispanic Parents

Public Service Announcement

I am posting this on behalf of the Ad Council and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) to share this information for Hispanic parents and help them to access the resources they need to help their children prepare, plan, and pay for college.

Parents play a critical role in helping their children navigate the college

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How to Prepare for a Hurricane #HurricanePrep

Growing up in NY, my personal experience was limited to Hurricane Gloria, but that alone was devastating enough. Then throughout the years I heard of Hurricane Andrew, Katrina, and most recently Sandy, which hit my family in NY pretty hard. And now that I am living in Florida, I have heard my share of hurricane

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#TakeCareChat TODAY (6-25) at 1pm EST

JOIN Bloggin’ Mamas TODAY from 1p-2p EST for a #TakeCareChat Twitter Chat to learn more about Get Covered America and your options under the ACA. We’re helping to raise awareness about the new coverage options available through the Health Insurance Marketplace and the financial assistance available. Since we’re talking about “qualifying life” events, we’ll be

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Spring Cleaning With Goodwill

It’s time for Spring, time for all things new! Of course our first impulse is to go out shopping, but this year, before we get that new Spring wardrobe, let’s do some Spring cleaning and help out our community too!  Goodwill has come up with a fun and insightful little quiz called:

What’s Your Clothing Personality??


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#GetCovered America Campaign and Twitter Chat

Did you know that more than 1 in 6 Americans don’t have health insurance?
And that more than half of the uninsured could find insurance for less than $100 per month (under $50 for people under 35)? ( 1 in 5 African Americans are uninsured. 1 in 4 Hispanics are uninsured.)
Most are uninsured because they do not

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Goodwill-Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

Little known fact about me: I thrift. I am not opposed to shopping second-hand, especially when you can find good items. One of the places I like shopping at is Goodwill. In fact, my leather couch set came from Goodwill and I have snagged a couple of clothing items there as well. But I don’t

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Free Blogger Sign-up for Xbox Bundle Giveaway

Xbox Bundle Giveaway Event

Hosted by: Mom to Bed by 8 and Giveaway Bandit

Prize Package includes: Xbox 360 S Console, 250GB Hard Drive, Kinect Sensor, Wireless Controller, Kinect Adventures and Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do

Event dates: 2/15 – 3/1

Free Blogger Event: Sign Up HERE
Tell them “The Social Commerce Mom” sent you.

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Getting Ready for the #ArtofFashion Miami Event This Week

In Miami, there is an annual international art show called Art Basel. This event brings together work from over 2000 artists worldwide. To kick it off, searsStyle has put together an event, “The Art of Fashion” to be held this Friday, December 7th.

Yours truly was selected to be a guest at this event and I got

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Refreshingly Quick Lipton Tea & Honey Pitcher Packets Great for the Whole Family

Many of you know I talk about drinking frappes, but those are an occasional treat for me. In my house, we drink tea. We drink tea hot and cold. My husband drinks hot tea every morning before he goes to work and every night before bed. We drink iced tea made with both the canister

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Future Fortified Campaign

I was invited to participate in the Future Fortified campaign to spread awareness for its’ efforts. This is a bit about them: “Future Fortified is a campaign of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). We help millions of women and children in developing countries get access to the essential nutrients they need to lead healthy,

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