This is a sponsored feature of the Thankr app as part of a Bloggin’ Mamas campaign. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our busy everyday lives, that we forget to show our gratitude towards others for what they have done for us. In the past, people used to send thank you cards. But, now with our over-scheduled calendars, technological advances and conservation of trees, we have seen a reduction in this practice. I was watching an episode of the show “Everybody Loves Raymond” the other day in which the mother-in-law (Marie) goes after her daughter-in-law to write wedding thank you notes immediately upon returning from their honeymoon. She was putting it off, because she felt that these were trivial and tedious. She seemed to have every intention of putting it off until another time; but we know that time would never come. It was only after Marie’s shaming of them for not following old cultural norms, that she sat down and got to work. But, imagine now that thanking people is not this boring, procrastination-worthy task. Imagine you could show people you appreciate them quickly and the task was actually FUN & easy too! That’s where the Thankr app comes in. Thankr is a “thank you” app available on iOS & Android. It uses a video platform to help make thanking people easier. I was first introduced to this app by the founders, Beth & Danielle, when it was still in beta mode for iOS. I am an Android girl, so I was so excited when they informed me last week that you can now get it for Android on the Google Play store too!

It feels good to thank and be thanked. That’s why Thankr wants to make it fun & easy for people to thank each other. You can choose to create a video or send a picture, personalize a note, pick a fun background and stamp, and send a thankr via text/e-mail. It can be used as a thank you for gifts–birthday parties, graduation, shower, etc, or for a fun playdate, for help from a friend, etc. Plus, your recipient doesn’t even need to have the app to receive your thankr! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that this app is FREE!

How It Works

First, you need to download & register for the Thankr app:




After you’ve downloaded & registered, you are now ready to send a thankr.

You can record a thankr video or opt to add a photo instead.

After you’ve added your picture or video, you can select a theme. Here are the options I was given to select from:

Once you’ve decided which theme suits you best, you can add text to get something like this:

Karen is our Bloggin’ Mamas NYC Manager & we just held a successful live event. I decided I wanted to send her a thankr for a job well done.

Next, you decide whether you are sending it to an individual or sharing to a social network:

For individuals, you need their phone number or email to send a thankr. For shares to FB, you are sharing publicly to a group as opposed to an individual:

And finally, after selecting your recipient, the thankr will be sent out and you are done!

My Thoughts on Thankr

Overall, once you download & register the app, it’s pretty straightforward and easy to use. As you can see from my screenshots above, you can go through the process pretty quickly and it’s fun to personalize your thankr for your recipient. I also like how easy it is to send to someone just by having their email or phone number. The process is much quicker than trying to send a picture text or email. I like the 5 fun themes you can select from, as they are bright, colorful and exciting. I would like to see additional themes in the future, targeted to specific events like baby showers, weddings, birthdays, holidays, etc. I’d also like to be able to edit the appearance of the text. When using the FB share feature on Android, I found that you could share to your own wall, to your friend’s wall, to a list, or a group. I would like to see the ability to send a private thankr via FB messenger, and have it targeted to an individual. As it’s a very new app, I am sure they will develop more features and offerings for those who download it. It’s free, and you don’t even need to enter credit card information, so there’s really nothing to lose. And really, when you think about it, you actually have a lot to gain. Using this app can help make others feel good, all while making you stand out in a world where people are too busy to show their appreciation for others.

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If you haven’t done it so far, go ahead now and send your first thankr to someone!