Bijouxx Mother’s Day Earrings Review

Sample Received 

Still need a last minute Mother’s Day gift? Bijouxx might be able to help. All of the above pieces are 14k gold with diamonds, and brand new as of this month! They are running a 20% off promotion on the entire website with the code: 20OFF which will be active through

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Sugarwish Review- Last Minute Gift for Mother’s Day

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Is your mother hard to shop for or did you forget to get her something this year? No worries. You can send her a Sugarwish. A Sugarwish is like an eCard that leads the recipient to, where they can pick from an assortment of candy favorites. Once they select their items, they are

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Lyssé Capri Review & Giveaway

Sponsored- I received a pair of the leggings to review and we are conducting this campaign through Bloggin’ Mamas.

Raise of hands. How many of you are in a rush to get your kids out in the morning and throw on something quickly to get them out the door? Some of you may even head out

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Starbucks Debuts Caramel Flan Latte


If you’ve been following me, you KNOW I am a bonified coffee lover. You might even know I like my coffee like a dessert with flavored creamers, syrups, whipped cream, etc. So when Starbucks invited me to come taste their new Caramel Flan Latte, I was on it.

Much of my private clientele are in Downtown

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DJs Nervo & COVERGIRL Party It Up for Ultrafest










Last Thursday (March 21st, 2013) I had the opportunity to celebrate the launch of DJs NERVO’s new single ‘Hold On’ during spring break’s Winter Music Conference & Ultra Music Festival. The launch party, sponsored by COVERGIRL, was  held at The SLS Hotel (Hyde Beach) from 6p-11p.

Just prior to the event, I literally missed the bus, the #COVERGIRLbus

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Relationships to Revenue: Step 2

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have been enjoying time with your family and not busy working today. So if you have been following me, you’d know about the Wordless Wednesday series videos on turning your relationships to revenue.  Here is Step 2 of 3:

You can view the overall Summary and check out Step 1 if

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Social Media Day in Miami

Today was a very interesting day for Social Media. Not only did Mashable host its annual Social Media Day, but many social platforms went down simultaneously because of an issue with a one-second calibration on the clocks. Yep, it was the clocks, not the social media enthusiasts, who overrode the servers of many major networks

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