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Still need a last minute Mother’s Day gift? Bijouxx might be able to help. All of the above pieces are 14k gold with diamonds, and brand new as of this month! They are running a 20% off promotion on the entire website with the code: 20OFF which will be active through Mother’s Day! 

Purple Heart Studs by Bijouxx

I got a chance to review the Amethyst Heart Studs. They retail for $49.99 and have 2.0 Carats of Amethyst, as well as Sterling Silver. I stopped wearing earrings years ago when my kids kept pulling them out. I think studs are a good step to train my ears again. I used to have a ring like this with amethyst hearts, and was left at airport security many years ago. I’m glad I was able to find something similar. Did I mention purple is my favorite color? 

Bijouxx Earrings-

I really like the quality and the detail of the setting, They are also larger than the traditional studs. Even after going so long without earrings, I was surprised to find that they did not irritate my ears. I actually think I could sleep with them and have no issues. (Of course I will take them out though.) My daughter tried to sneak my earrings away, but her ears aren’t even pierced. It makes me smile to think how much she wants to be grown up. 

Nijouxx amethyst heart studs


Founded by Davey and Nicole, a couple who met and fell in love in Las Vegas, Bijouxx seeks to provide jewelry pieces with classic appeal, yet seem modern at the same time. Using Davey’s years of experience and educational background in the jewelry industry and Nicole’s experience in Public Relations and Marketing, they have launched Bijouxx to steady growth.

What do you think? Are the pieces classy, yet modern? 

Disclosure: I received a pair of studs in exchange for this post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.