Yo GABBA GABBA! Not Your Ordinary Kid’s Character Show

I was fortunate enough to win four tickets from the Young at Heart Mommy blog to the Yo GABBA GABBA! Live show in Ft. Lauderdale (Broward Performance Center) last weekend.

I have to admit that while I heard about the show and my kids watched it with my husband and family, I had never sat through a

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Giveaway: Easter Basket for Parents courtesy of Cafe La Llave

It’s Good Friday today and I am going to make it extra good. I was recently introduced to a coffee brand, Cafe La Llave, via one of my PR contacts. I had seen the packaging on the store shelves and I think at one of my in-laws’ houses, but I had never tried it myself.

We don’t

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DJs Nervo & COVERGIRL Party It Up for Ultrafest










Last Thursday (March 21st, 2013) I had the opportunity to celebrate the launch of DJs NERVO’s new single ‘Hold On’ during spring break’s Winter Music Conference & Ultra Music Festival. The launch party, sponsored by COVERGIRL, was  held at The SLS Hotel (Hyde Beach) from 6p-11p.

Just prior to the event, I literally missed the bus, the #COVERGIRLbus

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Happy & Healthy with Walgreens

Some of you might already know that my original site (which I still own) is named Happy and Healthy Mom. When I saw that Walgreens came out with the slogan, “At the Corner of Happy & Healthy,” I thought to myself, “How perfect would it be for me to work with them?” I started Happy and

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World Water Day- PUR Giveaway

I have to make a confession. I don’t drink enough water. Yes, it’s true. I am like a majority of the people in the world who do not stay adequately hydrated. In fact, I struggled to keep the intake required for both of my pregancies. For the longest period of time, my kids wouldn’t drink water straight.

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Movie Review: Curious George DVD Released Today

Recently, as in last week, my daughter was in the hospital with a pneumonia. One of the features of her room was a DVD player, so needless to say I was able to bring some movies in to comfort her. As I was going through the movies, I realized that a review copy of Curious George

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I was hacked :(

Sorry guys! You may have noticed my sites were down for a bit. Thankfully they are back up, though I have some missing posts and there are no new posts showing since January 21st. I will have to go back and find them. You may notice a bunch of posts popping up at once. Stay

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