I was fortunate enough to win four tickets from the Young at Heart Mommy blog to the Yo GABBA GABBA! Live show in Ft. Lauderdale (Broward Performance Center) last weekend.

I have to admit that while I heard about the show and my kids watched it with my husband and family, I had never sat through a full episode before. Boy was I missing out.

From the moment we walked in, I knew this was no ordinary live show for kids. As a 90s teen, I could appreciate the intermingling of hip hop beats throughout the songs and dances. And with the appearance of Biz Markie, DJ’ing and beatboxing, I knew this show was designed with the parents in mind as well. (I should mention that when I was the PR rep of my college activities board over 10 years ago, we hired Biz Markie to DJ a show. So it was a kind of reunion for me, even though I didn’t actually get to meet with him in person this time.)

This show has somehow managed to avoid being too directed at children and too directed at appeasing adults. It really walked the tightrope gracefully. With it being only an hour long, with a 17 minute intermission, you could tell that they also knew the short attention spans of their audience. Even my husband enjoyed himself, and that is probably something unheard of when it comes to these kinds of shows. His only qualm was that there was beer for sale at the concession stand, but no one was buying. He had to hide in the hallway with his Heineken for fear he would be judged for drinking at a kid’s show. But why sale them if it weren’t okay to drink them?

Anyway, back to the show. With the various learning experiences to be had, my kids even braved “the dark” to participate. You should’ve seen them dancing their little butts off in the aisle. I kept having to stop my daughter from doing spins because she would lose her balance and fall into somebody. The show ended with confetti coming down from the ceiling everywhere. My kids giggled in delight. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and demanded that they get to go again the next day (to which we did not acquiesce). We figure that we will wait for next time they are in town to attend.

After the show, we stopped by the science museum and headed around Riverwalk, which is absolutely amazing. We enjoyed being able to walk around the water and see the historical buildings. My husband uttered that walking was underrated and I concurred. We agreed that we should visit there again.

I was not compensated or asked to write this post. I wrote it of my own volition. All opinions are my own.