Run a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Ever have one of those days where it seems like everyone else is breezing past you, while you are struggling just to stand up? It can feel kind of disappointing to watch others succeed, while you flounder.

However, one important thing that most people forget is that most businesses don’t start out from the gate running

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Branding Your Office?

When many people think of a brand, their image may stop at a logo & maybe some promo materials. However, branding is a wholistic process for your business. Therefore, you need to consider the minute details to create a more consistent brand image and more cohesive brand identity. That means you need to brand your

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Be Represented at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference

Thank you very much to the Baby Blues Boutique for becoming one of my Caterpillar Sponsors!

Date: 3/17/11-3/20/11

Location: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa 

In its 2nd year, the Disney Social Media Moms Conference is sure to be a hit. With registration closing in about two hours, and only about half of those registrations being approved, it has

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Facebook Replacing FBML with I-frames

*TECHIE ALERT* This post topic might confuse readers who do not have a basic understanding of Facebook and html.

While developers have known this since about August, many Facebook users are just starting to learn that Facebook plans to get rid of FBML and replace it with I-frames. If you are not familiar with FBML, it

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When it’s time to bring on help

According to Nell Merlino (when she spoke at Super Mom), you will get 2 1/2 times back from what you pay out to each staff member. Looking at things that way, why don’t we just go out and hire people asap? As entrepreneurs, our businesses are our babies. You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your

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