It’s Okay To Be Different…When You’re Branding

When you were in high school, being different was a bad thing. You strived to “fit in” by dressing like your friends, speaking like your friends, liking the same things as your friends, and even hanging in the same places as your friends.

But in the world of branding, being different makes you popular.

You’re appearance= Logo/

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Interactive advertising on TV

By Heather Lopez

So a crazy thing happened the other day. I was watching TV and an ad came up for the Unites States Postal Service. That’s not the crazy thing, what was crazy was that when the ad came on, a simultaneous pop-up showed up at the bottom of the screen  saying, “Would you like

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Small business owners and Facebook might be making up

By Heather Lopez

I just received notice that Facebook is repealing the no contests or giveaways rules they instilled in November, which means that small business owners will again be allowed to run contests on their pages. For info, check out this post.

Previously, you had to spend $10,000 in Facebook advertising to get the approval to

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Whew! We’re finally here!

After over a year of working from home, I am finally able to come through with a new centralized business that has a clear path in front of it.

You can find out more about my many projects, sites, & events by browsing our site. You can also find out more about me by checking out the Just Heather

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