Save on HBO Gear Today for National Pi Day

Today’s my brother’s birthday, but it just so happens to be National Pi Day too! In honor of today (March 14), HBO is celebrating with a special US HBO Store sale. I’m thinking I might get him something from there.

ALL Day today, use code PIDAY to save 10% off sitewide. And starting at 3:14 pm EST through

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How to Build a Strong Foundation on Pinterest

As we can all agree, search engine optimization is an ongoing process. It will take many months to get properly indexed and to reap the rewards of your SEO endeavors, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t start laying the foundation now. Pinterest is one of the highest ranking social media outlets around. If you

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How to Increase Click-Through Rates on Twitter

Participating in the social media platform Twitter can be easy! You simply type an update and click to tweet it out there. You can tweet several times a day without feeling like you are bombarding people, like on some other platforms, because the timeline moves so quickly.

But what happens after you send that tweet out?

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How do Twitter Parties Benefit Brands

By now many of you have seen a Twitter party hosted on Twitter, where there is a designated hashtag and a group of people get together virtually to have a conversation for an hour long event on Twitter. If you are not familiar with Twitter parties, you can check out some of the events previously

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How to Drive Traffic to your Blog with Pinterest

Social media is a huge factor in driving traffic to your blog, but how can you use Pinterest specifically to drive this traffic? Pinterest is shockingly becoming a pretty popular place for bloggers. With most search results showing consumers a Pinterest board within the top five search results, you need to learn how to use

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Interactive advertising on TV

By Heather Lopez

So a crazy thing happened the other day. I was watching TV and an ad came up for the Unites States Postal Service. That’s not the crazy thing, what was crazy was that when the ad came on, a simultaneous pop-up showed up at the bottom of the screen  saying, “Would you like

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