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Participating in the social media platform Twitter can be easy! You simply type an update and click to tweet it out there. You can tweet several times a day without feeling like you are bombarding people, like on some other platforms, because the timeline moves so quickly.

But what happens after you send that tweet out? How can one increase click-through rates on Twitter easily and efficiently? Well let’s start with important factors to take into consideration prior to moving on to suggestions to increase your click-through rates on Twitter:

  • Retweets– You will want to make sure that you have real followers who retweet your content on Twitter for maximum exposure and increased click-throughs.
  • Followers– Check your follower count and be sure to monitor the growth of your Twitter following on a regular basis. More real followers means more click-throughs.
  • Hashtags– Research the most used and popular hashtags in your niche market use them to your advantage with every applicable Tweet.

Now that we have covered the top three basic areas to think about when using Twitter as a social networking platform for your brand, it’s time to start discussing how you can increase your click-through rates and in turn transition your social media followers into clicking machines.

  • Share Valuable Content– The key to Twitter marketing is creating content that fits with your brand and niche market. The more your tweets are in alignment with them, the more they will engage. Research content related to keywords that they are searching for on Twitter and create content that fits. Google Alerts is a great way to find content from others that fits your audience too! Plus, tagging the content creator may lead to them retweeting you to their followers, who might also fall into your target audience.
  • Use Actionable Words – Based upon research, using words such as “download” tend to increase your chance at having a click-through by around 13% on average. Start using words that make your followers think you have something valuable to offer them when they click over to whatever link you have shared on Twitter. People like to be instructed to do something, believe it or not.
  • Be Clear on Your Intent – Use decisive, clear wording when sharing a tweet so that your readers are not confused as to what your intentions are in sharing that information. Using catchy headlines based upon keyword research will also increase click-through potential. Learn to use keyword data to your advantage on Twitter as you would on your blog.
  • Ask Questions– Similar to using actionable words, start asking questions in your tweets as a means to get more replies, just like using Retweets, getting people to @ reply you and engage in a public conversation. This increases awareness of your brand and connects you with their followers as a means to get more click-throughs.
  • Repeat Your Tweets– Because the timeline moves so quickly, it’s okay to repeat your tweets. Plus, posting at different times can bring you exposure to different people who may fall into your overall audience.  Consider that there are different timezones, especially when you have a product, service or site targeting nationally or regionally. You can also slightly re-word your tweets to see what wording performs better with your audience.
  • Tweet on Weekends – We are all pretty busy during the week days. Learn to have more tweets going out on the weekends to catch those who are taking downtime from their busy work week and want to seek entertainment, how-to information and other topics during their off-work hours.

Start implementing each of these tips on a regular basis within our social media marketing plan and watch as your click-throughs increase on Twitter on a regular basis. There is no one way to market on social media, but we hope these tips help you find success in marketing on Twitter.