Florida Prepaid’s Open Enrollment Ends in 6 Days!


I love this image of a girl in a red cape. In case you might’ve forgotten, I ran a conference called Super Mom Entrepreneur and we challenged moms to don our red capes in various landmarks across the country, and take pictures of ourselves. That was before Pinterest and Instagram were a “thing.” If you

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Starting Is Believing Chat with Florida Prepaid



#StartingIsBelieving Twit­ter Chat

Join Blog­gin Mamas & Florida Prepaid as we host the #StartingIsBelieving Twit­ter Chat on Tues­day, 11/10/15 at 9p EST! Join us as we discuss saving for your child’s future using Florida Prepaid College Savings Plans, as well as the open enrollment period taking place right now. There will be some prizes and also we’ll tell

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It’s National 529 Day and Floridians Should Read This!



Yours truly attended college for 7 years (4 yrs undergrad/ 3 yrs grad), and I have $60K in student loan debt to show for it. While the original amount of my loans totaled about $40K, it has increased by $20K in “unsubsidized loan interest.” And the $40K was AFTER all of the grants and scholarships

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