Starting Is Believing Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment Ends 2-29-16


I love this image of a girl in a red cape. In case you might’ve forgotten, I ran a conference called Super Mom Entrepreneur and we challenged moms to don our red capes in various landmarks across the country, and take pictures of ourselves. That was before Pinterest and Instagram were a “thing.” If you pay attention real closely at this video, you will find me and the rest of us in our red capes. I just got back from NYC once again, and was surrounded by Wonder Women in pink capes this time. We moms can do amazing things can’t we?

I’ve always loved the idea that we can empower our children to be anything they want to be. Today’s technology and environment allows us to be more entrepreneurial, creative, social and innovative. Higher education allows for our children to build a sturdy foundation, from which they can build their future success upon. When you have a sturdy foundation, it helps you to get back up when you fall. In a day and age when everything seems handed to our kids, we must prepare them to be resilient in the face of hardship and adversity. We are seeing a large increase in the number of entrepreneurs in our country, but without the resilience and perseverance that is built in learning environments, many of them will fail and/ or give up before ever achieving success. We have the power to prepare our little super heroes to go out there and save the world!

Florida Prepaid

As a Florida Prepaid Mama’Bassador, I  want to assign you to this mission. I want you to visit  and decide on which plan would be best for your children! Open Enrollment period for Florida Prepaid Plans ends on February 29th. That gives you 6 days to complete your mission and sign-up your child for a prepaid plan. If you complete your mission and enroll, use code BLOG1516 with your purchase and you will receive a free gift as your reward for a job well done.

With a large variety of plans, they offer something for all types of families and budgets. You can start a plan for as little as $25 and pay $46/month. Find the breakdown of individual plans in my post HERE. You can also find my financial resolution tips HERE. Florida Prepaid offers a downloadable College Savings Guide and you can check out their FAQs page, should you have additional questions.

I had to share this adorable video once again. Watch it in case you need a smile or a little more convincing:

Want to participate in a super cute interactive conversation regarding Florida Prepaid and College Savings? Click this hashtag #StartingIsBelieving and join the conversation!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post via a Bloggin’ Mamas campaign with Florida Prepaid. While some information was provided by the sponsor, all opinions expressed are my own.