Relationships to Revenue: Step 2

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have been enjoying time with your family and not busy working today. So if you have been following me, you’d know about the Wordless Wednesday series videos on turning your relationships to revenue.  Here is Step 2 of 3:

You can view the overall Summary and check out Step 1 if

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un-Networking Parties


So many networking events are just excuses to pass out your business card. But, truth be told, most people wind up never calling the people they meet at events. Not everyone knows the secrets to effective marketing. In fact, most people don’t. Some might even resort to adding everyone they collect a business card from onto

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3 Simple Steps to Turn Your Relationships to Revenue

So on this edition of Watch This Wednesday, I have my first official Youtube video as The Social Commerce Mom. In it, I share the three simple steps that business owners, pro bloggers, and financial freedom hopefuls can take in order to increase their income.  In weeks to come, I will break down this simple

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