By now many of you have seen a Twitter party hosted on Twitter, where there is a designated hashtag and a group of people get together virtually to have a conversation for an hour long event on Twitter. If you are not familiar with Twitter parties, you can check out some of the events previously hosted by us here.  The most popular question surrounding Twitter parties is how do they benefit brands?

There is a difference between a Twitter party and a Twitter Chat. A party will have more of a benefit to attend such as prizes given away and trivia during the hour long event, whereas a chat may only consist of the hashtag use surrounding an interactive conversation. A party tends to be a one-time event surrounding an event or launch, whereas a chat may be a consistent online event around a topic area. The number one benefit for brands when having a Twitter party is the exposure; think of this hour long event as an Infomercial because everyone who is active on the Twitter platform during your event will see thousands of tweets using your hashtag, discussing your product as well as services. Twitter Parties can generate millions of impressions, and a reach into the millions, so every single one of those people can see your branding and messaging for the 8-12 times that is needed for them to actual take notice of it.

How do Twitter Parties Benefit Brands

With exposure comes trust, when consumers trust your brand to be a real company who cares about its consumers then you totally win over your target market. When your brand is genuinely interactive on social media, you not only gain the exposure but you gain more of a following. Many Twitter parties require pre-party tweets that start to engage conversation before the party is even started; you can interact with consumers before, after and during the party to build a solid foundation of trust behind your brand.

Twitter parties allow you to educate consumers about your brand on a deeper level than just promotional content for sales, products or services. With interactive conversations on the Twitter platform you can inform people about your mission, your goals and a deeper level of commitment you have behind your brand. Whether you want to inform consumers about your mission to lead the way in a new innovative product or you wish to share ways in which your brand gives back, a Twitter party provides you the outlet you need to reach a broader range of people.

With increased exposure aimed at building awareness of your brand and interactive live conversations surrounding a topic that suits your niche, you will soon find that having a professional host your Twitter party is well worth the investment of designated a portion of your advertising funds for this fantastic social media event.