Social media is a huge factor in driving traffic to your blog, but how can you use Pinterest specifically to drive this traffic? Pinterest is shockingly becoming a pretty popular place for bloggers. With most search results showing consumers a Pinterest board within the top five search results, you need to learn how to use Pinterest and how to use it to drive traffic to your blog.

How to Drive Traffic to your Blog with Pinterest

Create Boards Specifically For Your Blog

Title a few boards that are tied to the focus or theme(s) of your blog. Let’s say you are going to have Dessert Recipes for example, then title your board “Dessert Recipes Blog.” This will help gain more search engine traffic to your Pinterest board and in turn your blog. Make sure to include a link directly to your blog post, a high resolution image and a brief keyword rich description when you pin your blog post to the specific board.

Create Lifestyle-Themed Boards

Focus on pinning other people’s content to lifestyle-themed boards. Nothing screams “come visit me” like someone helping to promote other’s content, especially content that meshes well within your niche. The more relatable content you have pinned to your Pinterest account, the more search engines will display your boards in their results. Make sure you include your lifestyle-themed blog posts in these boards as well, again with a high resolution image, keyword rich description and a link to your blog post.

Remember Pinterest is a Visual Marketing Platform

Pinterest is all about those images, and the larger size images seem to work best on Pinterest when evaluating a return on your marketing efforts. Users are more apt to click over to an article if the image is easily read and clearly demonstrates what your blog post is about. Think about Pinterest as a virtual magazine, you want to be that magazine on the shelf at the end of a checkout lane that compels consumers to reach out and grab it, or in the case of Pinterest, reach out and click thru.

Engage Daily on Pinterest

While Pinterest may be low on the totem pole for your daily social media networking plans, start making sure that engaging daily on Pinterest becomes a high priority. Take time each day to pin original, relevant content on a regular basis so that you are showing up in your followers feed. Be certain to follow back any person who has followed your Pinterest profile and check out their boards to repin topics that are relevant to your Pinterest boards.

There are many ways to increase blog traffic using Pinterest but these four ways to increase blog traffic should get you started in the right direction. Pinterest may seem a bit intimidating at first, but when you make a conscious daily effort to utilize the boards you have and engage with followers via this social media platform, you will find that traffic to your blog increases organically.