We are working with WLRN Public Radio and Television of South Florida and will be hosting a sneak preview event for moms to view a new show they are launching called ENERTIPS. The event will be held on Thursday, March 29th at 7pm EST at their downtown Miami studios. Attendees will get a chance to view the show, discuss their views on bringing up environmentally conscious kids, as well as receive some goodies to bring home to their kids. They will also have a chance to participate in a week-long, post-event Green Boot Camp Challenge. This event is limited to 20 attendees. Parents only, no kids for this one.

Here’s some background on the show:

ENERTIPS is a new and unique animated children’s series that uses wit and imagination to raise awareness about climate change, renewable energy, recycling and sustainability. These are topics of burning interest in the present world we live in, a planet that our children will inhabit and care for in the future. ENERTIPS is great for children ranging between five and nine years of age.

ENERTIPS is a series of cartoon adventures that invites its viewers to reflect on these topics in a fun and entertaining way, and to help them see the need to develop an active and ecological awareness in the use of energy and care for the environment.

Climate change is happening and “Enertips” is here to help us! Meet the Handy Family – fun, friendly, finger-shaped characters – they will have to face all kinds of adventures related to the energy needs in the life-like city of Tipsville. While making spectators aware of how we can work for a more sustainable world, the Handy family will confront wasteful neighbors, especially the Stickyfingers, and fight against the evil businessman, Darkhand and his sidekick, Backhand, that wants to control the city’s energy. Hi five, Handy!

If you would like an invite, comment below with why you think you should be selected to attend. Remember that only 20 invites are available. If you are selected you will receive an e-mail invite with the details.