Disclaimer: This is my weekly no holds barred post, so you may or may not learn something. If anything, you will probably end up with a smile and a sense that you are not alone.

So today had its ups and downs. The morning started off well in that I was actually sticking to my schedule and doing well for time. I headed down to drop off the kiddies before heading over to Kellie Kuecha’s house for part 2 of my BOMB session. I swore I’d be on time because I left so early, but something always comes up. Don’t you hate when that happens? Having kids makes my life so unpredictable because they don’t like to follow a schedule the way I can. Anyhoo, I got to Kellie’s 15 minutes late. Oh I forgot to mention that I hobbled in the door because I am now the proud owner of a bruised tailbone & thigh courtesy of my lovely family.

Anyway, this session went really well, unlike my last one. I have to admit that although I love to stay on top of new technologies, I also have a streak in me that hates to change. I can be pretty stubborn when it comes to changing something about myself, ask my husband. The session helped me to gain clarity on how I can better help the moms & brands that I come in contact with every day. After that, Kellie’s other half- Cliff Moitt, took my professional pics (so look out for the new ones to grace my site and profiles). Yes, I did let my hair down today literally as well.

While driving down to pick up the kiddos, something told me to give my friend a call. On the same day she found out she was cancer-free (after surgery), her husband decided to tell her he no longer wanted to be married. Great timing right? Well, anyway, I gave her a call & became so inspired by her ability to let go & let God. This takes me to my next bit of a rant- Is it me or are more and more women losing their husbands and partners these days, especially when they work from home or are entrepreneurial? I have been watching as my friends, one by one, have informed me that they were getting separated, getting a divorce, breaking up, etc.  Even I have not gone through this unscathed. Although my 5th wedding anniversary was just yesterday, I can not say that the years have all been heaven. I refuse to give up nor let my husband give up no matter how rough things can get, especially in the face of this poor economy. I have hope & faith that things will get better for us all.

I’m thinking we need to create a product that helps us entrepreneurial ladies keep our men, even as we pursue our business goals. The closest thing I have seen so far is this program from Fabienne Fredrickson called “Working With Your Spouse.” I have been eyeing this program for quite sometime & I think we will be picking this up this month. My husband is finally ready to start working from home alongside me, so I am thinking this is a good way to start. Anyone else struggling with their man?

Back to my story: So when I was almost at my mom-in-law’s, I tried to pick up some lunch when I noticed that my wallet was not with me. Ugh! Needless to say that this cut my call short with my friend because I had to figure out where my moola & ID went. I could not reach Kellie, so I was in limbo for a few hours before it was determined that I left it in her bathroom. I had to make a trip back there before going home. (Gas- why are you almost $4 a gallon?)

Then I had to do the usual things I do on a Friday night like party- NOT! Yeah, the last time I partied on a Friday night was like 6 months ago. Call me boring, but I don’t like dealing with my kids on a Saturday morning at 5am with a hangover. They wake up early everyday like it is an internal clock. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the Friday night mansion screening of Scarface at Hispanicize. Did I mention that Scarface is my favorite movie? Yep, it’s been on my Facebook for like two years. Hmm, did I not create a Pinterest board yet? I will have to do that. In the meantime, check out this mock promo for it:

I hope you enjoyed and I’ll be back next Friday ranting & raving some more. Do you have anything you’d like to let your hair down today about?