Social media impressions are the amount of times your social update or ad was seen, not to be confused with unique social impressions. When you log into your social media platform, most offer an analytics option where you can view impressions for each update you shared. The impressions are the number of times your update was seen, not how many individual people saw your update. When you are using social media as an advertising platform or to gain traffic to your blog, social impressions do matter and you will want to be certain to review this data as closely as you would for your website visitors. Each social media platform has a different way of calculating social impressions and sharing that data with you. We will discuss a few platforms and why impressions matter on each.

What are Social Impressions and Which Ones Matter


Twitter Social Impressions

The dashboard in Twitter now allows for users to track analytics, simply click on the analytics option when you are logged in your account. From this dashboard you are able to analyze your top Media Tweet, Top Follower, how many impressions, mentions, tweets linking to you and more. Social media impressions on Twitter matter because they help you determine how much of a reach you have with your audience and how relevant your content is to this audience. With any successful marketing plan, you must know who you are trying to reach and how many of those people are within your current audience.

Pinterest Social Impressions

If you have a Pinterest business account, you will be able to collect data on your users analytics, meaning you can track social impressions. You can view your most popular pins, activity from your domain, and key metrics about your audience. The social impressions data via your Pinterest business account matter because this will tell you what content is working to gain click thrus and what content is not really that popular with your audience. Again, with all analytics you want to engage your true audience, so if you are sharing irrelevant content, the social impressions will let you know this information.

Facebook Social Impressions

Facebook is one of those tricky social media sites that are difficult to really comprehend how they place your updates in front of their users. If you use Facebook Ads Manager for your Facebook page, you can better evaluate the social impressions. Spending money on boosted posts in Facebook can be a fabulous investment for your company or blog, because there are so many users on this platform who tend to scroll through immediately upon waking up and the Ads Manager lets you target the users who are more likely to engage with your post. While social impressions do matter, Facebook is least on my list because users tend to scroll past ads; consumers have become blind to advertisements on their Facebook feed; and Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm so that you have to spend more for more of your audience to see your content.

Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook seem to be the most valuable social media platforms as a means to gain traction with click thrus, exposure and sales for your company or blog. The data you find within each of the platforms analytics can be used to measure social impressions in a way that helps you build your brand and with most platforms allowing you to easily see live coverage of content pushed out there; it’s a great real time analytics to ensure you are not wasting precious marketing time for your brand.