Top 5 Social Media Mistakes People Make

With all of the webinars, e-marketing training and all of the other virtual courses you see online telling you that they know and will share the secrets to social media success, it’s no wonder many brands are confused with how to handle their social media profiles. In the day in age where social media coverage gains more sales, it’s time to start remove the myths and move forward with what works. Today we are discussing the top 5 social media mistakes people make as a means to assist you in remove these strategies before they hurt your brand.

  1. Committing to Social Media Short-Term – You’ve learned that you can schedule everything out with automated programs on social media; so you schedule the updates, content, etc. and walk away. This the number one social media mistake people make; not engaging their fans on a regular basis. Regardless of what your business model is, social media needs to be a long-term give and take conversation as a means to be successful in social media marketing.
  2. Too Much Automation – While automation is great and part of the key to success is to work smarter not harder, automation can kill your brand. It doesn’t matter if you are a big box company, a small time blogger, or a big time blogger, whatever industry you find yourself promoting; if you have nothing but automation going on social media platforms, then you are making a big mistake!
  3. Posting Too Much at Once – So you have a sale and many updates you want to get out there live in front of people. Sadly slamming every social media platform at the same time will kill you just as quickly as using too much automation. Learn to schedule during best times of day for each social media channel and space out updates so that you reach different audiences. When you post too much at one time you look like a spam robot.
  4. No Content or Lead Generation Strategy – Sure you can wing social media, but in order to be effective with turning social media connections into leads, you must develop and maintain a proper social media strategy that works best for your brand. As with every business plan, there needs to be a solid goal to reach as well as clear message points that you want to have your brand known for.
  5. Inconsistent Messages – This goes along with number 4 on the list of the top 5 social media mistakes people make; being consistent with what messaging you are putting out on social media. Stay true to your brand, share only relevant content that pertains to your industry and be consistent. One inconsistency can destroy the trust people have in your brand and confuse consumers as to what service or product you truly are trying to sell.

There you have it, the top 5 social media mistakes people make; short term commitments, inconsistent and spammy content and no strategy developed to really push forward in generating leads. We hope that this list helps enable you to be more successful in all areas of social media from now forward.