How Social Media Can Change Your Business

The use of social media has grown substantially in the last few years. Many businesses are hopping on board to use this platform as a form of marketing that reaches consumers directly. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have become quite popular for a business to reach the attention of customers while building their brand. Each of these platforms have paid advertising options that allow businesses to easily target their desired audience with a few clicks of a button.

We’ve all heard that word of mouth marketing is the most effective form of marketing at getting consumers to make purchases. Social media takes word of mouth marketing and puts it online; making it faster and even more effective. Social media can change your business because word of mouth travels quickly. It’s not too difficult to get a post to pick up steam if you provide valuable content, use the proper keywords and focus on the appropriate target audience. When another person likes a business page, their friends will see this action completed in their Facebook newsfeed.  People are more inclined to like something their friend likes, which can help build your following without having to spend a small fortune in doing it.

Social media can help your business communicate with customers easier and faster, which results in higher customer service ratings. In past years, consumers were able to give negative feedback about a company and just walk away. Using social media a business can reach out immediately to a disgruntled customer and discuss the issue at hand to resolve it quickly.  Taking your customer service efforts public and handling issues swiftly and sufficiently can provide a higher chance of consumers to valuing and trusting your business.

Social media will continue to have a tremendous impact on all businesses. It will change how the customer service department handles complaints, resolves issues and how a business markets & sells their products. Learning how to use social media for your business for the first time may be a learning curve. Though once you get the hang of it, your business will be more successful because you will be reaching the masses in a more personal way.

When you dive into social media it is vitally important to think about many factors, such as who your target audience is and how you will work to capture their attention. Even the tiniest of businesses can expand rather quickly when using the social media platforms their target audiences are using and creating content that speaks to them. Today we invite you to do some research on your niche, find out what your target audience needs and work to develop content for your campaign that will inspire others to see you as the must go to business for their needs.