While Instagram is quickly becoming the heavily promoted go to for many marketers as it grows at a shocking rate, we do have to step back for a minute to evaluate which social platform offers the most benefits for your marketing dollars – Facebook or Instagram?

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Instagram provides a more visual experience than Facebook, which certainly allows you to reach those who engage through life in a more visual way. Facebook may not be as user-friendly when it comes to showing us images in our newsfeed, whereas Instagram is all about the photography. There’s something to be said about actually seeing something in a photograph to appeal to the masses versus just text on a social network site stating the same thing.

Facebook has more clutter than Instagram. Sadly most of the users on Facebook can admit to this fact. There are more ads in your face via the social networking platform of Facebook than there are on Instagram. Sure Instagram allows users to have sponsored ad placements, but it is not so saturated that you can’t see real updates from your followers. Facebook has to start laying off on so many sponsored ads that throw us off wanting to scroll through newsfeeds, groups and friends profiles on a regular basis. It seems Instagram brings us to a more organized platform where we can truly see what we went there to see.

The Instagram demo is younger than Facebook. This is something to take into consideration when determining where to market your content, because you need to know what audience you want to reach. If you are predominately seeking to reach the younger generation, then having a brunt of your time spent on Instagram simply makes sense. But if you are looking to reach a more experienced older generation, your go-to platform would be Facebook. Instagram has simply been known to bring in more of the younger generation of adults as they have an advanced sense of technology than most of the older crowd.

These are all things to take into consideration when you are looking to debate Facebook versus Instagram, because ultimately the decision to go to market on social media platforms is yours, but you have to take the time to teach yourself which platform is thriving. While both Facebook and Instagram are still wildly popular social media outlets, the truth is that each have their own set of pros and cons to think about prior to putting all of your marketing dollars into one basket.