You may have noticed that I use butterflies in my branding. I have a strong connection to them, and I think it has to do with their ability to completely transform themselves. For me, transformation has four sides: mind, body, spirit and environment. While I’ve done a lot of growing, I am still working on that major transformation in which I evolve into the person I am meant to be. It really is a process, and one that may require re-doing some of the steps before you get it right.

I’ve gotten so wrapped up in some aspects of my business, that I was completely neglecting the other parts of my life and blog.  You see, I’ve known that mindset has a big role in how successful you are in both business and in life. Sometimes it’s so easy to just let the negativity seep in. I was allowing thoughts of lack to take a foothold in my life, despite how much I fought it.  I was feeling like everyone  else around me was growing, and I was being left behind. I was not following the path God has been paving the way for. But, I’ve been awakened. After a tough six months, I feel as if the tides are about to change. That’s because I am regaining some of my strength. I am realizing that I was blessed with gifts that I am meant to share with the world. And it’s actually been selfish of me to hide away, and put off the things I am supposed to do.

So, I’ve re-started the transformation process and I plan to help others do this as well. I think that documenting the process and challenging others to do the same, will be beneficial for many others experiencing some of these same adversities, thoughts, and needs. I am hoping to stay accountable by posting on Tuesdays.

For the mind, I am working on my mindset and also feeding my knowledge so that I may develop the skills I need to advance my life and business. I am re-reading The Secret, which I find to be very powerful in focusing on abundance, gratitude, and manifesting. I have also been redirecting my family to focus on positive aspects of life, and I am noticing that it has started to kick in. I am planning to take some free classes at the library on photography, videography, and computer programs.

For my body, I have done several things so far this year. First off, I had a bunch of dental work done that I have literally been putting off for years. Neglecting your teeth is actually one of the worst things you can do to your body, because your immune system is constantly battling infection and you could deteriorate your organs. I also finally used a mom makeover package I won, to have a makeover for my birthday. And after a six month break, I finally dyed my hair. My roots were growing in, and my hair color was starting to fade. I decided I wanted to color my hair in a way I have never done before. (I’ll save that for the next post.) On Mother’s Day, I had a chance to soak in a bath and enjoy some “me time” for a few hours. I also used some gift credits to have a massage, a facial and an eyebrow wax this past week. I hadn’t done that for six months as well.

For my environment, there have been a lot of changes too! I found a desk set I had been looking at for about 2 years on Facebook marketplace for $20, so I re-did most of my office. On Mother’s Day, I re-did a border on the window cover that I have hated since we moved in over three years ago. My next step is to hang the pictures that have been waiting to be hung for over a year. My husband and I made a list of tons of things that we want to fix or replace in the house. But, I also want to clear out/ organize my stuff in the closet and garage. I’d love to set-up an area to shoot videos.

For my spirit, I have begun to pray more. I would also like to look into reading more books related to spirituality, and spend more time meditating. I have a strong connection to Proverbs 31, so I would like to study this more to see how it fits into my life. I’d also like to explore more regarding my relationship to money, and how I have viewed it in relation to what religious people say versus what the word actually says.

Is anyone else going through a transformation process right now? Or would you like to? What area do you think you’d like to focus on first?