Baskin-Robbins chocolate cake

Some of you might have seen the cool Star Wars cakes I posted about from Baskin-Robbins last month. We were supposed to review one for Dittles’s birthday party, but sadly my husband was in the hospital on her birthday. We were forced to cancel her Star Wars-themed party. We decided it would be best to do a joint birthday gathering for her and I in the new home.

I had such big dreams for a party, but exhaustion from the move, the holidays and all of the hospital visits had set in, and I simply did not have the energy to pull it off. I didn’t get my roots dyed, or a new birthday outfit either. I took the McDonald’s giftcard Sonia bought me and I got my McCafe Frappe, to give me the energy to get up and about. My birthday morning seemed a bit of an epic failure.

heather and dittles cake rsd

But, you know what? I still ended up enjoying my birthday. Well wishes on my Facebook profile began pouring in, and I began realizing how many people actually support me. My family began calling in their birthday wishes. Eddie invited his Orlando family over some pizza and they came baring another McDonald’s giftcard. Even they know how much I love my frappes. And the highlight of the evening was our gorgeous chocolate ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins, which made  it really feel like my birthday.

Baskin-Robbins cake slice

Dittles didn’t mind not having all of the balloons or crepe paper. She was just happy to spend time with her cousins and eat ice cream. I took a lesson from her that day, and it’s that sometimes the simplest things are what matter most.

 Disclosure: I received a giftcard from Baskin-Robbins, which I used to purchasing the cake. All opinions expressed are my own.