This is a sponsored collaboration between Bloggin’ Mamas and EyeBuyDirect. I received a pair of glasses of my choosing, in exchange for featuring them on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own.

I’ve literally been wearing the same frames for YEARS. And not just the standard two years it takes for your insurance to cover another pair. I’m talking like 10 years! I only recently allowed my husband to convince me to go in for a contacts eye exam. Fortunately, they also gave me an eyeglass prescription when I went in. But, the pricing on eyeglasses was so high once I got everything I wanted on them, that I opted to just keep the script in case my fall-back pair broke. Funny thing  though is that I only wear my contacts for special occasions or when going somewhere with my husband, so my fall-back pair has still been my day-to-day pair. And the hinges inside the nosepads are so eroded, they couldn’t even replace one of the nosepads. Yes, it was time for a new pair. (Ya’ think?)

Then, I was introduced to EyeBuyDirect. Seriously, I wish I knew about this site before. With frames as low as $6 and 1000s of frames to choose from, this site is a like a Godsend to those of us who don’t care to shell out hundreds of dollars for one pair.  There are so many pairs I loved, and I am actually sitting here thinking that I could definitely get another pair at these prices.  After deciding on what types of glasses I wanted to try, I used the virtual try-on tool to see how they would look on me. There is one tool that does a snapshot, and one that shows a live version of how they would look on your face as you move. Ultimately, I decided on the BECKETT frames. They are unisex, and only cost $26 before adding in the lenses. They included the anti-scratch coating, and of course the color is “coffee.” I prefer wire frames, with narrow lenses, preferably with no rim on the bottom, so these really fit what I was looking for.


Once you’ve decided on your frames, you decide on how you plan to use your glasses (distance, reading, multifocal, or non-prescription). Most people plan to use them for distance.


After that, you move into filling in your prescription. You really just need your left and right eye sphere (numbers like 3.75) and pupillary distance (PD).  There’s even online measurement tools to help you measure, in case your doctor didn’t include this on your prescription. You don’t usually need to worry about the other numbers. Once you put that in, you hit confirm. There’s no need to upload any prescription or doctor info. It’s super simple.

Next, you are going to pick your lens type (clear, sun, light adjusting, or digital screen protection). Since I am on the computer all day, I chose the digital screen protection lens.


Under digital screen protection, there are two types. EBDBLUE shields your eyes from harmful blue light, while SIGHTRELAX offers premium digital screen protection. With the amount of time I am looking at a digital screen, I decided to go with the SIGHTRELAX option. That’s something my old pair didn’t have, and I have suffered the consequences of headaches.

Lastly, you enter your payment and shipping info and submit your order. When you get to this point, you will see the “BUY 1 GIVE 1” program in which EYEBUYDIRECT will donate a pair of eyeglasses to an organization in a country of your choice. I am all for social good, and this really warms my heart. Not only am I able to finally get a new pair of glasses, but now someone else is too!

When you order, it will give you the option to receive emails about your order. They tell you then that it will be 7-14 business days to receive your glasses. I ordered on January 28th, and received them on Valentine’s Day. Once the status changed to shipped, I had received them in just 2 days, even though it said 3-5 business days and that they were expected to arrive on the 16th.

Of course when they arrived, I took them out of the box and tried them on. They fit perfectly. And my husband said I should never use my fall-back pair again. My new glasses are better for my vision health, and have a more updated look.  Now I just need to update my outdated headshots too!


Want to pick up a pair for yourself, your spouse/SO, or your kids? Use my LINK and HEATHER20 to receive 20% off your order. While you’re there, check out their new Spring Fling line that debuted on January 25th.