Laura Ingalls Wilder is a name that just about everyone recognizes – at least if you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. Some people associate her with the Little House books, some with the television series, but either way, she is an icon.

LHOTP doll

Recently, we have been collecting vintage 80’s toys and toys to that commemorate the 80’s, and we came across this beautiful Laura Ingalls 18” Doll from The Queen’s Treasures. Fortunately, via Element Associates, we were able to obtain a sample for review. The photos really just don’t do her justice. She is beautifully crafted, and definitely not your run of the mill doll.  She has a soft body that makes her perfect to cuddle with, while still having true to life facial expressions upon her porcelain face. The Queens Treasures® did an amazing job of capturing Laura’s spirit with this doll.

LHOTP doll face

Thanks to the cozy, warm, and affectionate portrayal of the Ingalls family and Little House on the Prairie across most media platforms around the world, many people think of Ma, Pa, Mary, Laura, Carrie, Grace, Almanzo, and even Jack the bulldog as part of their family.

LHOTP window box

The box she came in was a window box so that if you want to display her and keep her safe, you definitely can. Or if you would prefer loving on her rather than keeping her put away, she comes with an adorable pillow and quilt, and even her own little charlotte doll!

LHOTP doll in box

We loved this doll and would love to have the accessories that are sold by The Queens Treasures too! The Laura Ingalls 18″ doll is available online at and for $99.99. A full line of accessories is available at

LHOTP doll with doll

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Disclosure: I received this doll as a sample to provide this product feature. No other compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.