Our family watches MasterChef regularly, so when the opportunity arose to get some inside information directly from the source, I jumped on it. Here’s the deal: America’s favorite competitive cooking show MasterChef is now coming to your kitchen to make you one of America’s best home cooks!

Cooking With MasterChef” is an immersive online cooking class series that includes detailed instruction and step-by-step demonstrations through two exclusive online experiences: “Homestyle Favorites” and “Restaurant Results.” Both classes are taught by former winners of MasterChef and include complete recipes to help viewers master new techniques and make innovative dishes in their own home. I’m always telling my husband he needs to try out for this show. He has such a talent for cooking. I can’t wait to try out this class series with him. (I am more of his sous chef. But, who knows?…. I could be more than that with these classes.)

MasterChef winner Claudia Sandoval

Taking a few minutes from her very hectic schedule, MasterChef Season 6 winner Claudia Sandoval gave me some insight into her life and this new project. Drawing from her Mexican roots, her role as a mom and the strong female figures in her life, Claudia has pushed past many boundaries in order to develop elevated recipes for traditional dishes that have led her to not only win MasterChef, but also to become an Amazon best-seller for her cookbook entitled Claudia’s Cocina – A Taste of Mexico. (She also runs a culinary events company with the same name.)

I felt a strong connection to her as a mom, an entrepreneur, a spokesperson for brands, a Latina role model and her passion for giving back to the community.

Heather: Can you tell me more about Cooking with MasterChef, and how you think it will benefit moms?

Claudia: Oh my goodness! In so many ways: available on many platforms on the go, great for a busy mom (which I am definitely) to have things readily available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can rewind, fast forward. HomeStyle Favorites would be good for moms. Restaurant Results are high-level techniques, if that’s what they are interested in.

(H): Would this be something they could do with their kids?

(C): It’s an option. HomeStyle  Favorites would be best. With supervision, they could do them.

(H): How was the experience in creating these online courses?

(C): More extensive knowledge. A lot of work and a ton of fun. You are never done learning. Luca was raised by strong Italian women, and taught me techniques that you would’ve never thought of doing. It was a growth experience. You have to go at a slower pace to teach people.

(H): I run a group called Miami Foodies & Fashionistas. I’d love to share this course with them. What’s one thing you’d like me to tell them?

(C): Restaurants Results course would be the best option for them. It delves into taste experiences; food that is little more refined like Chef’s Table, Culinary School. Dehydrated powder and plate dusting. Learned from another chef who almost wasn’t willing to share them. How to curl carrots for plating. Complex techniques. Willing to take it to the next level. Instagram-worthy. Take you to the next level. aesthetically

(H): I’m told there will be a MasterChef cruise with you on it. Can you tell me more about that?

(C): Yes! It’s November 12-19, going to 4 ports. This is the 2nd cruise and has Shawn, Luca, & myself. You can informally see us throughout the cabins. There are main stage mystery box challenges. I legit no idea what will happen next. Pull people from the audience. Dinners, lunches, cooking classes. Meet and Greets. Italian- Luca. Lunch- Mexican. Castaway Cay Bahamas. Better than pictures. This quite literally the bright beautiful color of ocean I have ever seen in my life.

Click –> Cooking With MasterChef so you can join in on the classes too!

That cruise sounds like a dream. This is definitely something for the vision board. I might not be great at cooking, but I am totally into watching shows about food and visiting different restaurants. It’s something we could all get behind in my house. In the meantime, we can try out the classes and pine away for the next opportunity.

(P.S. I want to say a special congrats to Dino, who just won this season. Being from NY, I totally appreciate his uniqueness & cultural mix. Maybe he’ll be participating in these classes soon too!)