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I recently had the chance to join the Candy Club and order my first box. Here’s a video of my unboxing:

As promised in the video, I’m going to walk you through the ordering process below.

First off, you are going to want to visit my link: http://candy.do/2C3vFHI and you will receive $15 off your first order. If you happen to go directly to the website rather than via my link, you can use my code: SocialMom15 to get $15 off your first order as well.

You can click “Get Started” if you want to set-up your own subscription. You can also select “Give a Gift,” if you want to gift this to someone else. If you purchase as a gift for someone, it will not automatically renew once the subscription is finished. This sort of box would be great for birthdays, graduations, celebrations, and even as business presents.

There are 3 Plan Options available for you to select from on this page. You can pre-pay for the 6 month ($25.99/mo) and 12 month ($22.99/mo) plans to save money.  Once your subscription is completed, your plan will convert to a monthly plan. If you are not ready to commit to that, you can purchase a monthly plan ($29.99/mo) that you can end when you want. Once you select a plan, you may see the option to increase your box to 6 candies, instead of 3 for only $19.99/mo more. Please note that shipping is not included in these prices.

After you have selected your plan, you are going to get the chance to select your candy. The items you see below and in my video are part of the “Heart-to-Get” Collection, which was themed around Valentine’s Day. March has a Spring/ Easter- themed collection you can choose from now. But, you don’t need to select from the monthly collection. You can select from a variety of other items, broken down by categories. And, in fact, you don’t even need to select your own candy at all. You could just allow them to send you candy as a sort of surprise for yourself. Even better, they throw in some loose candies into the box that you have no idea what they’ll be. That way, you still get a bit of a surprise, even when you choose your own.

Once you have picked out your candy, you move into the ordering process. You will be prompted to fill in your info to join the club and pay for your subscription. As you can see in the screenshot below, the $15 will be automatically applied to your cart (when you use my link or code). With the shipping and discount included, my box only came to $23.98.

But, it doesn’t stop there. You also earn “Sweet Rewards” points to get more free candy by joining the club, selecting your candy, and inviting others to join too! How cool would it be to get free candy? I already received 600 points just for signing up, picking my candy and making my first order. You can earn more points by ordering one time boxes as gifts for friends, sharing on social media, and rating the candy you receive in your box. You will also earn points each month that you order.

My Thoughts

Overall, I really like the concept. The packaging is well-done, colorful and festive. I like how personalized it can be, the variety of options available, and that the pricing is on par for subscription boxes.  The monthly collections are neat, as they allow you to run with a certain theme for that month if you want. Bonus candies are always appreciated. The points system is a nice add-on, as people really enjoy gamification and sharing with others. I usually like getting my candy fix, so something like this might be an awesome way to treat myself. But, I know that most people would find this beneficial for treating others. Gifting to someone else takes away some of that guilt for self-indulgence. It took about 7-8 days for my order to arrive, so be mindful of that when you are purchasing for someone else as a gift. You will get a tracking number to keep tabs on it, and make sure it’s not sitting in the sun or mailbox too long.

If you’ve made it this far and still haven’t visited my link, please do that now: http://candy.do/2C3vFHI (or use my code on their site: SocialMom15 ) to get $15 off your first order!

Disclosure: I received this product free, plus compensation, in exchange for featuring this on my blog, Youtube channel and other social profiles. All opinions expressed are my own.