Creative Ways to Earn Money Working from Home

The new fad seems to be working from home. When you think about those who you’re connected with online, I’m sure you can find at least a handful of people who have made the switch from employee to work from home professional. What each person does to work from home can be completely different, because the options are endless. Today I want to share with you some creative ways to earn money working from home no matter what you are seeking to make for an income level.

Survey Taker

This work from home job is one that any person can do regardless of their background or expertise. The pay rate is usually around $1 to $50 per survey depending upon the company and tasks required. Survey taking will consume a bit of your time, if you really want to make a good work from home income from it. The payoff can be worth it to bring in some extra spending cash for your household.

Website Tester

Another work from home job that requires little expertise, just a high speed internet connection, microphone and speakers attached to a relatively new computer setup.  With this work from home job you will be asked to take on the task of reviewing websites for ease of navigation, appeal of design and ability to understand how to use the website. Each website tester earns an average of $10 to $15 per test and just like survey-taking, this can add a steady income stream for extra spending.

Tutorial Videos

This work from home job will take a bit more expertise, such as the ability to record high quality tutorial videos and have some level of knowledge within the industry you are being asked to create a tutorial on. Tutorial videos can cover a wide range of topics, but to name a few popular themes; automotive, beauty and DIY home-remodeling come to mind.  There is creative side to tutorial videos because you can create your own via a YouTube channel where you ultimately you can apply to be a Google Ad partner or you can apply to websites geared towards hiring work from home professionals. The average pay rate is not something I can determine as it fluctuates based upon whether you work for a company or do this on your own.

Become a Secret Shopper

There are many work from home jobs that allow you to go shop at your favorite stores while taking photos and checking out specific departments.  Research all that is out there for this area of work from home jobs because there are many scammers, but once you get in with a reputable company that hires consumers to become a secret shopper, you can bank on the income with this job. A secret shopper will require you to leave the home, but within a schedule that suits your current demands. Just like tutorial videos, the average pay is hard to determine as it fluctuates depending upon the need of the company you are hired to work for.

There you have it, a few creative ways to earn money working from home without having to put forth much effort or even creating a trade name business. I hope this list helps inspire you to start earning extra money from home as you work to rise above the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.