For those of you who loved the ZOOTOPIA Holiday and Zoo Year’s Eve Printables, I’ve got some more goodies for you! But first, let’s go through some sneak peek clips of the movie that’s coming out March 4th.

Zootopia Clips and Printables

Movie Clips

“Arriving” Clip:

I really love this clip. It showcases Judy Hopps as she’s just arriving in the big city. She’s excited and amazed by what she sees, and you can really feel the excitement along with her. It really captures your imagination. You can also tell that this is from toward the beginning of the movie as we are introduced to Zootopia. This is not a zoo like one might think by the title, but a thriving metropolis where the zoo animals are actually the people of their society

“Fur of a Skunk” Clip:

In this clip, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are in Mr. Big’s Limo and appear to be searching for something. Most noticeable is that they can see their breathe and there appears to be a snowy coating on the interior. Then 2 polar bear enforcer types appear and take them for a ride. For Mr. Big, being an Arctic Shrew, this limo fits. Also during the ride, we notice one of the bears on his smartphone and looking at “Zoogle” images of them with another animal in a headlock. You can see the fear in Judy and Nick’s eyes.

“Elephant in the Room” Clip

In this clip, we see Judy Hopps amongst fellow officers and Chief Bogo. It looks like a rundown of the day’s activities. Here we note that Chief Bogo mentions Judy, but then blows off the need to introduce her to the rest of the crew. You can tell from that, that they don’t have much respect for her. You can also tell that she’s going to need to prove herself to them. The elephant in the room  is a brief insert in the clip, in which they all turn and see the elephant cop in the middle of the room, but the humor is subtle and probably something kids wouldn’t pick up on.

I’ll keep you updated if we get anymore clips to share. I know that I’m excited to see the whole movie soon, and these just help feed the excitement. And without further ado, the other goodies I promised:


Zootopia coloring sheets

ZOOTOPIA Coloring Pages

Print these out for your little ones to color away! They feature the characters from the movie.

Zootopia Hexaflexagon

ZOOTOPIA Hexaflexagon

This is a 3D paper-folding activity that really requires some manual dexterity to pull off. Your kids will spend a good amount of time having fun putting this together.

Zootopia animal tracks

ZOOTOPIA Pawprint Match

This activity sheet is simpler for the smaller ones. It has your kiddos match the pawprints with the characters.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Tell me your thoughts on the clips above. Also, I’d love to know how your kids will use the printables. Stay tuned for more!

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