Working From Home: Here's how you do it

I’ve been working from home for almost 7 years, and my husband joined me over 3 years ago. I always have people asking me how we do it or how they can do it too! I put together this basic list of steps you can take to begin working from home. Please note that these are meant as just an outline, and entire books are written about each one of these steps.

Steps to Start Working From Home

Step One

Determine how much money you have to make to cover the basic necessities in life: food, shelter, transportation, etc. You have to make a budget, so you can better target your income goals for your work at home job.

Step Two

Once you have made a financial evaluation of your situation, you will need to make a list of all tasks you are able to do. What have you gained experience in that you can put to use for making money at home or online? Decide on what services or products you will offer, and based on your budget needs, price them out.

Step Three

Setting up a home office space. Whether you live in a huge mansion or a tiny home shared with others, you must have a specific space in the home designated to work hours only. Make sure that space is only utilized for work tasks, so you can keep a separation. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, so as long as you are free from distractions.

Step Four

Create a website to share your products or services. There are many ways you can do this. Decide how much money you are willing to invest into a website being set up, or create your own using free services online such as Wix. Your website should list services, experience and recommendations if you have any. The website should also include links to all social media accounts and a professional “About” page.

Step Five

Start getting prospects. If you haven’t already signed a big contract to work from home, then you will need to find clients. There are sites like LinkedIn,, and even Craigslist.Org that allow you to find jobs. Think about using Fiverr as well to get your foot in the door and gain more recommendations for your work from home skills.

Step Six

Manage your time productively. It will be easy to get side-tracked when working from home. Those dishes in the sink and laundry may stare at you all day. Learn to set business hours and strictly adhere to them as you would when working for an employer. Set all personal matters on “do not disturb” as a means to be fully focused on work from home tasks.

Step Seven

Stay focused on writing your own success story. You’ll find many people are actually jealous that you get to work from home, so they’ll try to convince you to conform to the norm. They will tell you that you will fail or that what you are doing isn’t a real job. Learn to use people’s negative commentary as a means to push forward stronger than ever. You can prove them wrong! Create your own lucrative work from home business by following all of the steps listed above.

Working from home can be done differently by everyone, but if you start with the basic steps listed above, you will be one step closer to climbing the ladder of success in a work from home business environment.

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