Originally being from New York, and having worked at a deli for several years while in college, I am a big fan of bagels in general. Our ideal Sunday morning breakfast is some eggs and bacon on bagels with a side of home fries. It’s a bit of a calorie splurge, so I opt for egg whites and we use turkey bacon. Occasionally, we’ll grab some bagels and coffee during the week for a mid-week splurge and #MyMister prefers for the bagels not to be cut. He pulls the bagel apart in pieces, and eats it a little at a time.

Einstein Brothers Bagels

And people like him are precisely why I think Einstein Bros. Bagels came out with their new Twist ‘N Dip bagels; a fun twist on the classic bagel. Beginning May 5, the all new Twist N’ Dip bagel gives people a reason to look forward to their mid-week splurge, morning office meetings, an afternoon escape or even the simple joy of a shmear mustache on their kid’s face.

Einstein Brothers schmears

The Twist N’ Dip bagel doesn’t just offer a new way to enjoy a bagel, it offers a FUN new way to play with your food! The revolutionary perforated plain bagel is easy to twist and tear into bite size pieces for dipping into two of Einstein’s 16 flavors of signature schmear. As you can see, I tried the strawberry and the butter schmears. (The Nutella and PB schmears were extremely tempting, but I resisted). I love the convenience of being able to pick up the bagel, tear it apart and dip them into the schmears, all without needing a knife. The process was quick and easy, so it’s perfect for when you are on the go or sitting at your desk. The bagel itself without schmears was $1.39 at my local store, and with the schmears, it cost me $3.39. They also had a family pack available for $11.99 for 6 pull apart bagels and two large schmears. (You can see the large schmear size in my picture above next to the coffee cup). Since it was a Monday, they had a $6 baker’s dozen special on their other bagels, so we picked that up too with some coffee for my in-laws).  As New Yorkers, #mymister and I both give the a seal of approval on these bagels for freshness and taste and that’s not easy for Florida bagelries.

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And you all know how much I love social good causes, so I’m happy to say that for every Twist N’ Dip sold, Einstein Bros. Bagels will donate a bagel to someone in need! I really love when brands add a social good component into their marketing.

Ooh, and they’ve got a giveaway!

Einstein Brothers Bagels coupon


Between now and July 31, bagel lovers everywhere have permission to play (with their food) to show off their best Twist ‘N Dip moves. Fans are invited to post a photo or video that captures how they Twist N’ Dip on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #TwistNDip. Einstein Bros. will select weekly winners to receive cool prizes such as Six Flags prize packs, summer swag and even FREE bagels for a year.

Plus, We’ve Got Two Coupons!!!!!

1.) To get a free Twist N’ Dip with any purchase, just click on the image below and then fill in your email on the page and they will send you the coupon.

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2.) Download this Six Flags Coupon to save on your next trip to Six Flags.

Have you ever been to Einstein Bros. Bagels? If so, what’s your favorite bagel and schmear? (Tell me in a comment below).


Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration between this blog and Einstein Bros. Bagels. All opinions expressed are my own.