Glo Wubble

The other day, we featured the WubbleX and today, we are featuring the Glo Wubble. Like the original Wubble Bubble Ball, the Glo Wubble floats, wobbles, dribbles, spins, smashes. But, this Wubble Ball glows in the dark, making it fun for both day and night.  My kids love those bracelets and necklaces that glow in the dark, so I knew they’d love this ball.

See for yourself:


We blew the Glo Wubble up as big as it would go, being careful not to over-inflate it. The kids absolutely loved it. They played with it for hours on end. When you blow it up, it becomes really translucent, just like a real bubble. I think what we loved most about the Glo Wubble Ball is that it is made to stand up to hard play. It may not be indestructible, but we gave it a good run for the money and it stood up to the test. With the Glo Wubble, you can kick it, smoosh it, squeeze it, and even sit on it, and it won’t pop! Make sure you put plenty of light on it to get a good glow out of it. I’m thinking they’d also perfect for summer nighttime pool parties for teens and adults, too! Who doesn’t love stuff that glows in the dark?

Like the WubbleX, you can buy the Glo Wubble at, as well as at Target & Toys R’ Us. They retail for $19.99, plus $8.99 for processing & handling when you buy them online.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.