As a Share Your Care Ambassador, I love trying out new Care Bears products, shows and games. I was recently asked to try out and feature the Care Bears Belly Match app game. You may not know this, but I love these types of games.

It’s like a dream come true: Grumpy Bear asks for my help in making Care-a-Lot (the place where the Care Bears live) a happy place again. Apparently, Beastly, Care Bears’ perennial nemesis – has cast a spell over the land and it’s dark and grey. If I can unlock the levels, I will bring color and happiness to Care-a-Lot again. Sign me up!


Full disclosure: I am a lifelong Care Bears fan, so with Grumpy as my guide, I was super excited to play Belly Match! The premise is similar to the other match 3 games – match 3 or more tiles at each level – only in this game you are matching the ever-famous Care Bears Belly Badges!

I set out on my quest to help my pal Grumpy, started playing and almost immediately got addicted! Collect the required number of Belly Badges and earn stars. Earn enough stars and you get cupcakes, which can be used as currency to buy boosters and other fun items. (Cupcakes as currency? I want to live in that world!) Plus, you can enough stars at the end of a level to trigger a Belly Bonanza which is a timed, quick game that allows you to collect even more stars!

If you know anything about the Care Bears, you know that they are all about love and sharing. So it’s no surprise that the game will periodically offer Care Packages. These can be sent to you or you can send them to your friends and offer boosters or cupcakes or other gifts to help move you through the game.


I’m still working my way through this game (there are plenty of levels to keep even the most addicted gamer busy), but Care Bears Belly Match is everything I hoped it would be – loaded with Care Bears and super fun to play! The level objectives are attainable (less chance of young frustrated players) so you can move easily through the land. Along the way, you’ll meet with Beastly, collect stars, earn stickers and have a really good time. Whether you’re a Care Bears fan or a fan of games, try Care Bears Belly Match – it’s bear-tastic!

Care Bears Belly Match is free on both iOS and Google Play with the option of in-app purchases. Rated E for Everyone.



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