Disney’s THE BFG Teaser

Do remember a little movie called, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Or how about Matilda? What about James and the Giant Peach? All were based on books authored by Roald Dahl. He also authored the book, “The BFG.” I know you are dying to know what the BFG stands for and it’s the Big, Friendly

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Star Wars-inspired Ice Cream Cakes Unleashed by Baskin-Robbins


As previously mentioned, we’re planning a Star Wars-themed birthday party for Dittles on the 20th. What better way to celebrate a Star Wars party than with a Star Wars cake? Enter Baskin-Robbins!  Known for its famous original 31 flavors (if you look closely you will even find 31 in their logo), Baskin-Robbins has been around

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Family Activity Pack- FREE!

I can’t believe STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS finally opening in less than 2 weeks from today!!!!  The Lopez household is excited, for sure!


In fact, we’re so excited, that we are actually hosting a Star Wars-themed birthday party for Dittles on the 20th! We got a hold of a  Star Wars Family Activity Pack that has all kinds

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Peanuts is Back and in 3D + Interview

Admit it, you’ve felt like Charlie Brown once or twice in your life. (You know, constantly losing and having things go wrong, but always ending up on top thanks to good friends?) So as you sit in your seat at the movie theater this week, you will feel your childhood memories flooding back while you

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New Stars Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Posters

As the new movie approaches (next month), we get even more and more excited to watch it! Here’s the latest batch of movie posters showcasing individual characters.

Kylo Ren

With much speculation as to the real person behind Kylo Ren, this poster reveals little beyond the fact the the mask is inspired by Darth Vader, whom he

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Trailer & Tickets on Pre-Sale

Last night, I did the unthinkable. I actually watched a Monday Night Football game that was no where near playoffs or the Super Bowl. Okay, okay, okay. I’m kidding. We have watched Giants games many times before. But this time I committed to watching the game because I wanted to catch a glimpse at the

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Exclusive Facebook 360 Experience


Today, Star Wars debuted some exclusive video on Facebook’s 360 Experience, as they rolled out 360-degree videos in the News Feed. Starting today, you can now upload 360-degree videos that can be displayed in News Feeds of people around the world. In addition to Star Wars, other known brands who released new videos today include

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Exclusive Selena Gomez Interview for Hotel Transylvania 2

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I last interviewed Selena Gomez, and it was for the first Hotel Transylvania movie. Selena returned to Miami to promote the sequel, Hotel Transylvania 2 which opens on the 25th. I got a chance to participate in a screening, a special character breakfast, and a blogger interview

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It’s Force Friday! Time to Get Your Star Wars On!


Today is Force Friday! This morning more than 3K stores opened up at midnight to sell the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens inspired merchandise to the Star Wars fanatics like myself.


As part of a  YouTube Global Unboxing Event that lasted 18+ hours over the past 2 days, the new product range was officially unveiled. As a Star

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Watch The Force Awakens Video on Instagram’s New Landscape Orientation


If you are on Instagram like me, you have probably heard about their new landscape orientation. Well, Star Wars just released an exclusive look at their upcoming film, THE FORCE AWAKENS, using this new format. Through a collaboration with Instagram, Star Wars released the very first video content to be showcased to the Instagram community

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Teaser #2 and Twitter Emojis

The Star Wars Celebration was kicked off yesterday in Anaheim, California by J.J. Abrams (writer/director/producer) and Kathleen Kennedy (producer), along with surprise special guests: Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaacs as well as original cast members Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, and Peter Mayhew. During the event, they shared a behind the scenes look at

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Disney’s Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover


Ever hear of Club Penguin? It is a virtual world for kids all around the world and my kids love it. While it free to use, you can get a subscription to access additional features. Besides English, it is also available in German, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Well, they just let me know that Star Wars is

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Strange Magic is coming to theaters 1-23-15


I am a big George Lucas fan. I have to respect a man who can envision worlds and create them, even requiring the inventions of technology to make strides in filmography. That’s why I am excited to see this movie coming out on the 23rd of next month called Strange Magic.

I also hear there is

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