(Be warned. This is my miscellaneous, no holds barred Friday blog post where I spew random thoughts in no organized fashion. You may find it funny, you may not. You may learn something or you might kill brain cells. It all depends on the mood I’m in. All my other posts are coherent, I promise.)
Who’s ready for Cinco de Mayo? I’ve got my tequila ready & thinking of making some yummy chicken flautas  (aka dorados in some parts). I’ve never been one for the whole salt & lime ritual. In fact, I actually dilute my tequila with lemon lime soda rather than take shots. (Oh, the horror!)  Speaking of which, you can check out this interesting post on how to drink tequila: http://www.wikihow.com/Drink-a-Tequila-Shot I’m not much of a drinker, but I do occasionally imbibe. As for the flautas, I could probably eat 10 of them in one sitting. You probably didn’t know this, but I love to eat. My aunt introduced me to flautas a few years ago, and now I seek them out whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant. With a good salsa verde, these things are bangin’. 
I may or may not also be heading down to Brickell Fest Cinco de Mayo on Sunday (one of the perks of working with the Miami Brickell Chamber). Tell me this flyer isn’t awesome:

 I love those Dos Equis commercials with the “most interesting man in the world.” Pure marketing genius.

Well, it’s a bit late and I seriously need to hit the hay. The kiddies still wake up at the crack of dawn. Hope you enjoy your weekend!