By Heather Lopez

*Personal Tone Alert* I am reporting my day as a blow of blow of its happenings and will be posting on different blogs of mine each day.

Well, today has been a whirlwind day for me. I just finished moving into a new townhouse the last two days and then went a little crazy trying to pack for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. I had to pick up food for the pets, a side by side double stroller and last minute items to take on the trip. Then we drove up to Orlando, which was about a 3 hour journey. Of course, I tweeted and Facebooked throughout the trip.  I discovered that the business card box I had placed on top of the fridge was left behind. Fortunately, I have some things in my purse and I plan to take other people’s cards to follow-up afterward.

I got the the Grand Floridian a bit late, but fortunately had checked in online earlier. I had to correct my daughter’s age because they had her listed as 9 for some reason. I also hear that there was a room assignment delay.  I was told to go to the conference center to pick up my conference package, so I went there and the hospitality room had already closed. The desk clerk had little to no idea how to help me other than to tell me to go back to the front desk. I went back to the front desk and after speaking to 2 people, they discovered that my conference packet was there and that I never needed to go to the conference center to begin with.  After finally getting my luggage delivered to my room, it was too late for me to make the Wedding & Honeymoon Soiree that I was so looking forward to. You see it is my anniversary weekend and also like the honeymoon we never had, so the Minnie Ears Veil that was given out amongst other things would’ve been really special for me. I was told there were some speakers there that many people did not know who they were.

We did make the family get together near the beach, which was complete with exquisite food, games for the kids, open bar, and character appearances. My family had a blast. I had some time to network with a few of the moms, but did not yet see the moms I was looking to see, so maybe tomorrow. My husband insisted that I MUST attend next year’s conference, just based on our first day here. Writing here now on a wired connection because apparently there is no wi-fi available for me to use. At least it was complimentary. My conference packet contained an agenda, a welcome letter, some info about QR codes that were placed on people’s credentials so that you could easily remember them by scanning the code with your smartphone. Thinking to myself about how I can implement this in Super Mom & Bloggin’ Mamas. Also 7 day park hopper passes, hangtags for my family and me, a USB drive with the conference logo, and a $10 Disney giftcard.

The overall service of the staff seemed very pleasant and their willingness to drop everything to help you with your issues was something I had never experienced before. Being an original New Yorker, I suppose I am used to service with a smirk.

I am looking forward to the upcoming days as I know there are a few outstanding speakers we will hear from. I am definitely glad to be a part of it all. I especially would like to thank my sponsors & clients who made it possible: Baby Blues Boutique, Thrifty Seeker, Lucinda Cross, Post-Divorce Chronicles & Post Divorce Dating Club

*Note: I will post pictures later as I took quite a few of them, but it is 2am and I need to get some rest before the early morning breakfast. Translation- come back for the pretty pictures.